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Granary temperature and humidity monitoring solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-12
Granary temperature and humidity monitoring solution
1. Project background

Food production

China is a big food consumer. In 2020, the country's total grain output is 669.49 million tons (1.339 billion catties), an increase of 5.65 million tons (11.3 billion catties) from 2019 , An increase of 0.9%. According to incomplete data, in addition to the state-purchased grain reserves, more than 60% to 70% of my country's grain is stored in farmers' homes, and the loss of grain due to improper storage methods of farmers accounts for about 8% to 10% of the total grain stock. This not only affects farmers’ income, but also threatens the security of our country’s grain reserves.

Grain storage

The security issue of grain storage has always been a complex and important issue. During the grain storage period, the main cause of serious loss is due to changes in climate, environment, and ventilation conditions, which lead to changes in the temperature and humidity inside the granary, resulting in gas and microorganisms that are not conducive to grain storage.

Granary management

One of the key points of granary management is to arrange temperature measurement points reasonably, because the granary needs to check temperature changes frequently to facilitate the timely detection of the heating points of the granary and reduce the loss of grain in time. However, the heat transfer of grain piles is relatively slow, which makes people feel extremely poor. It requires managers to often enter the muggy and choking grain bins to check the temperature and humidity of the grain piles, and constantly carry out heavy manual labor such as turning the bins and ventilating. It is extremely harmful to the human body, and it is unscientific and untimely. Therefore, grain moth-eaten and mildew often occur. In response, a solution for monitoring the temperature and humidity of the granary was introduced to solve such problems.

Two. Introduction to the program

The program is mainly composed of GPRS-C3 temperature and humidity transmitter and monitoring software.

The solution is based on GPRS/4G transmission of monitored temperature and humidity data, and the collected temperature and humidity data is uploaded to the server through the network base station. The monthly flow of GPRS communication is less than 30M. The device is connected to our free cloud platform, and two upload methods are optional. Realize the control of temperature and humidity change data in the warehouse anytime and anywhere, so that users can adjust the temperature and humidity in the warehouse in time according to the monitoring data to ensure a suitable environment for grain storage.

Scheme topology map

3. Scheme composition

Low power consumption GPRS temperature and humidity transmitter

RS-WS-*- C3-*

GPRS/4G transmission

This product is based on the temperature and humidity transmitter of GPRS/4G transmission. It distributes a year's flow. The collected temperature and humidity data can be uploaded to the server through the network base station, GPRS/ The monthly traffic of 4G communication is less than 30M.

Strong ability to adapt to the environment

It can alarm when super high, low temperature, high and low humidity. The equipment sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. It is anti-corrosion in harsh environments such as granary, ensuring the excellent measurement performance of the product.

◆ The device comes with a large-screen LCD display, and the value is clearly displayed;

◆ Built-in alarm function, can set the upper and lower limits of the alarm and calibration;

◆ The device has low power consumption and battery life Longer, the longest time can be as long as 60 days;

◆ Two types of probes can be selected: the built-in hardcover probe or the external probe with a cable length of 30 meters (optional);

◆ A variety of antennas are available, The antenna is 5 meters long (optional).

Four. Program features

Program features

4G signal transmission

The device can connect to the free cloud platform and the Internet of Things cloud platform provided by our company. WeChat scan code with one click Bind, the mobile phone can view real-time data at any time.

Real-time monitoring of mobile phone and computer

Collect and record temperature and humidity data, visual image output/data analysis

Intelligent alarm

When the temperature and humidity exceed present, the cloud platform automatically pushes alarm information to the mobile phone< /p>

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