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Greenhouse environmental monitoring system helps the development of new agriculture in the north

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-06
Greenhouse environmental monitoring system helps the development of new agriculture in the north
In the past, in the cold winter, especially in the north, it was almost impossible to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, as the transition from traditional agriculture to smart new agriculture is accelerating, greenhouses based on environmental monitoring systems build a scientific and reasonable greenhouse environment, which not only allows people to taste various fruits and vegetables in all seasons, but also contributes to the increase in production and quality of agricultural production. Huge economic and social effects.

This article will take the sensor as the entry point, adopt the Internet of Things technology, and build a practical and complete modern smart greenhouse system through the environmental monitoring cloud platform. The collection end of the system is implemented based on wireless sensor network technology. It uses three levels of sensors, environmental monitoring host, and environmental monitoring cloud platform to increase the added value of resources, reduce resource loss, and enhance the competitiveness of agricultural production.

The greenhouse environment monitoring system uses the Internet of Things technology to accurately cultivate fruits and vegetables and realize the production process control of various crops in the greenhouse. It uses wireless temperature and humidity sensors in the greenhouse, light sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, shutter boxes, and soil temperature and humidity sensors. Such as hardware equipment, real-time dynamic monitoring of crop production, thereby generating dynamic real-time field data, at the same time monitoring the data of public environmental parameters in the production environment, and transmitting various data collected by the hardware equipment to the environmental monitoring cloud platform or the corresponding enterprise In the cloud platform, automatic control of the crop production process is realized to ensure that there is a corresponding good and suitable environment for the growth of crops in the greenhouse.

The functions of the various sensors in the greenhouse environment monitoring system:

1. Temperature and humidity sensor

Acquisition, analysis, calculation, control, storage, transmission, etc.

2. Illuminance sensor

Through the light sensor and photosensitive sensor to monitor and record the intensity of the light in the greenhouse, it can be directly connected to the related lighting system, shading system and other equipment, and automatically turn on when necessary relative devices. The relevant data is transmitted to the user monitoring terminal through wireless transmission technology.

3. Carbon dioxide sensor

Deploy a carbon dioxide concentration sensor in the greenhouse to monitor the content of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse in real time. When the concentration exceeds the threshold range set by the system, wireless The transmission technology transmits the relevant data to the user monitoring terminal, and the relevant staff make corresponding adjustments.

4. Soil temperature and humidity sensor and louver box

consists of a multi-element soil sensor and louver box sensor RS-BYH-M. The soil transmitter can measure the temperature and moisture content of the soil. , Electrical conductivity, PH value, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other factors for real-time monitoring; among them, the louver box sensor has built-in temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light and other sensors, which can monitor the air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity in the greenhouse in real time. Factor, and then upload the data to the cloud platform via GPRS/4G.

The over-limit alarm function of the greenhouse environment monitoring system:

The system can flexibly set the upper and lower thresholds of different environmental parameters of each greenhouse. Once the threshold is exceeded, the system can alert the corresponding manager through mobile phone text messages, system messages, etc. according to the configuration.

The content of the alarm reminder can be flexibly set according to the template, and different reminder contents can be set according to different customer needs, so as to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent. The associated greenhouse equipment can be viewed according to the alarm records, and the greenhouse equipment can be remotely controlled in a more timely and fast manner, and the greenhouse environmental problems can be handled efficiently. It can find equipment in abnormal state in time, and remind the manager in time through SMS or system message to ensure the stable operation of the system.

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