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Greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-13
Greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring solution
1. Project background

The winter weather is cold, which is not suitable for the growth of vegetables, fruits and other crops. The development of modern greenhouses has allowed the regularization of off-season planting, which satisfies people’s daily lives. The needs of the country have enriched the varieties of off-season crops. The temperature, humidity and other parameters in the greenhouse will directly affect the respiration, root absorption and transpiration of plants, and affect the growth of crops. How to scientifically adjust the temperature and humidity parameters is an important part of ensuring the normal growth of crops in the greenhouse.

Second, program introduction

For how to accurately grasp the temperature and humidity change data in the greenhouse in the off-season, the GPRS-c3 greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring system was launched. The system mainly uses GPRS-c3 temperature and humidity The recorder, based on GPRS/4G transmission of the monitored temperature and humidity data, uploads the collected temperature and humidity data to the server through the network base station, and the monthly flow of GPRS communication is less than 30M. The device is connected to our free cloud platform, and two upload methods are optional. Realize the control of the temperature and humidity change data in the shed anytime and anywhere, so that the user can adjust the temperature and humidity in the shed in time according to the monitoring data to ensure a good environment for the growth of crops.

Three, equipment information

Low power consumption GPRS temperature and humidity transmitter

Model: RS-WS-*-C3-*

Equipment features:

GPRS/4G transmission

RS-WS-GPRS/4G-C3 is a temperature and humidity transmitter based on GPRS/4G transmission, with a one-year flow rate , The collected temperature and humidity data can be uploaded to the server through the network base station, and the monthly flow of GPRS/4G communication is less than 30M.

Strong ability to adapt to the environment

Alarms can be realized in ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity. The equipment sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. It is anti-corrosion in harsh environments such as chicken coops, ensuring the excellent measurement performance of the product.

Industry application

The equipment is widely used in breeding, planting, and animal husbandry industries.

Transmission method

The device comes with a large LCD display, and the value display is clear. It adopts GPRS/4G transmission mode, no on-site wiring and no distance limitation.

Multiple alarm methods

Built-in alarm function, which can set the upper and lower limits of the alarm and calibration settings, and can also perform SMS, WeChat, and email alarms.

Long battery life

The device has low power consumption and longer battery life. The maximum time of GPRS type can be as long as 60 days (4G version can reach 40 days). The temperature and humidity values u200bu200band battery power can be viewed online in real time.

Free service

Free data card, connect to our company's free scan code and connect to WeChat platform. The WeChat platform can view historical data and convert it into historical curves. It can automatically push alarm information to mobile phones, and multiple people can view current data on different devices at the same time.

Two probes are available

Two probes can be selected: built-in hardcover probe or external probe with a cable length of 30 meters (optional). A variety of antennas are available, with an antenna length of 5 meters (optional).

Four. System framework

System framework (WeChat platform)

System framework (cloud platform)

V. Program features

The device can be connected to the free cloud platform and IoT cloud platform provided by our company. WeChat scan code is bound with one key, and the mobile phone can view real-time at any time data.

Collect and record temperature and humidity data, visual image output/data analysis

When the temperature and humidity exceed the current, the cloud platform automatically pushes alarm information to the mobile phone


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