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'Highway Weather Station' The cold winter is coming, please pay attention to safety when driving

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-10
'Highway Weather Station' The cold winter is coming, please pay attention to safety when driving
In recent years, with the increasing popularity of private cars, the status of expressways in road traffic has continued to rise, and the environmental information of expressways has become the focus of attention of the majority of drivers. However, the laying of weather stations on highways in China has been relatively late compared to other developed countries, and the inability to monitor the entire section of the road can be said to be a major pain point.

As the country attaches importance to highway environmental monitoring and changes in highway traffic control systems, the application of highway weather stations has become an important part of highway traffic safety management. Today, the highway weather station has become an important device for 'diagnosing' the highway environment in severe weather and escorting road safety.

The main function of the highway weather station is to monitor road environment information, upload data, and let the system or relevant personnel determine whether it will affect the safety of highway driving. For example, heavy fog and precipitation will cause reduced visibility, and rain and snow will affect the safety of highway driving. The road surface is wet and slippery, and strong crosswinds affect the driving stability of the vehicle. The road surface icing and frost will reduce the friction coefficient of the road surface. Long-distance high-speed driving in high-temperature weather can easily cause 'tire puncture' and fatigue driving. These weather phenomena are not timely Reports will directly or indirectly bring hidden dangers to traffic safety.

The working principle of the highway weather station

The highway weather station monitors environmental elements through sensors, the weather shutter monitors temperature, humidity, and PH value, the rain gauge monitors the amount of rainfall, and the wind speed and direction sensor monitors the wind speed and direction through the corresponding sensor. The monitored environmental element data is collected by the collector and transmitted to the background computer by the wireless transmission module. The user can see the environmental conditions of the highway in real time on the computer, and then take corresponding measures according to the environmental conditions, such as If the visibility is too low, the high-speed traffic will be closed in time.

Components of highway weather station

The five components of highway weather station include: bracket and sensor part, GPRS/4G data upload, solar panel and battery part, collector and transmission module Part, part of the background computer end.

Support and sensor: The main function of the support is to place equipment, such as sensors, solar panels, collectors and transmission modules, etc. The main function of the sensor is to monitor the elements of the road environment.

Solar panels and batteries: The main function of solar panels and batteries is to provide power support. The batteries are charged through solar panels and the batteries release power to ensure the operation of the equipment.

GPRS/4G data upload: The outdoor weather station is based on GPRS communication technology to realize automatic data upload. The road automatic weather station has a multi-function GPRS communication interface. First insert the mobile phone card of China Mobile or China Unicom into the card slot, and then put the GPRS antenna outside the waterproof box to ensure that the communication signal is not shielded. When the weather station is working, it sends real-time weather data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through the GPRS signal timing (1S~10000S/time can be set) to realize the functions of real-time data display, data exceeding alarm, remote monitoring, data storage and download.

Collector and transmission module: The main function of the collector and transmission module is to collect the meteorological element information monitored by the sensor, and then transmit it to the background computer through the transmission module.

Environmental monitoring cloud platform: The main function of the back-end computer is to display and store data.

The significance of installing a highway weather station

Severe weather phenomena will affect road safety conditions and easily lead to traffic accidents. For example, heavy fog, rain and snow will cause reduced visibility, slippery roads, strong winds, and high road temperatures will affect the driving stability of vehicles and cause safety hazards to road traffic. Deploy meteorological monitoring stations along the road, and send real-time monitoring data to relevant management departments to assist relevant departments in making timely warnings and scheduling arrangements in advance for weather phenomena such as fog, precipitation, strong winds, and road icing that affect road safety. Reduce the impact of road traffic caused by severe weather.

The highway weather station can obtain real-time weather information on special roads 24 hours a day, get the current weather element grades through uploaded data, release weather changes in real time, and provide important decisions for highway traffic, construction operations, disaster prevention, etc. Reference. The weather station effectively avoids possible traffic accidents by monitoring and uploading meteorological elements.

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