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Home Weather Stations Review - The Oregon Scientific

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-14
This is an independent review of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station based on actual customers' input, and not that of the manufacturer. The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station helps you plan your day in the garden, that trip to the beach or other family outing. The monitor wirelessly receives the input from the outside sensor. Weather forecasts for up to 24 hours are made given prevailing conditions, and apply up to a 30 mile radius from your house. At the very top of the display you will clearly see clouds, a sun, or a combination of both. The icons indicate clear, partly cloudy, cloudy, or rainy, and it includes readouts for temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure trends. The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA weather station also reports outdoor overall comfort levels, the heat index, and high and low temperatures. Ice alerts are also displayed when the weather gets cold and wet. With the included remote sensor, you can get separate weather conditions up to 100 feet away, and this is a really great feature if you have a wine cellar, greenhouse or photography lab whose temp you need to monitor. The atomic clock sends automatic updates, and sets for Daylight Savings time so you will never get caught not falling back or moving forward an hour. The really flexible part of the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station is the ability to add up to three additional sensors. The unit has a slick looking, fashionable black housing, measures 5 by 7, and carries the standard Oregon Scientific 1 year warranty. The Pros The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station has a big bright display and is easy to read. This unit shows both the indoor and outdoor conditions at once for both temp and humidity, as well as outdoor readings for relative humidity, and barometric pressure trends and forecasts. Initial setup is quick and easy. It can handle up to 3 extra sensors for monitoring other rooms, green houses, etc. Transmission range is up to 100 feet. The Cons The Atomic Clock can take a day or two to sync. You need a very small flat-head screwdriver to install the triple A batteries (not included). A� This Wireless Home Weather Station is for People who constantly plan outdoor activities and like to be prepared will love it. Greenhouse and hothouse owners, wine cellar owners and photographers who need constant temperature monitoring will find it critical. Beginner weather enthusiasts will love its simplicity. People who want hands-free, reliable weather updates and forecasts at a glance without having to do anything will enjoy the ease of use. Bargain loving weather enthusiasts will love the Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA home weather station's price.
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