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How can agricultural carbon dioxide sensors help crops increase yield?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-26
How can agricultural carbon dioxide sensors help crops increase yield?
China is a big agricultural country. Today, when we are rich in food and clothing, it is hard to imagine that people were anxious about the pessimistic future of human society 200 years ago. In 1798, British demographer and economist Thomas Malthus proposed in his book 'On Population':

'Humanity is doomed to encounter famine, and the earth has reached the limit of its carrying capacity. As the earth's population continues to expand, We will face a situation where we are unable to produce sufficient food.' According to the 2001 National Land Use Change Survey conducted by the Ministry of Land and Resources, the arable land area of u200bu200bthe country is 127.6158 million hectares and 1.914 billion mu, which continues to show a downward trend. The country has returned 590,700 hectares of ecological farmland to 8.860 million hectares. The adjustment of the national agricultural structure reduced the arable land by 45,000 hectares and 675,000 acres. How to increase the yield of crops in my country's limited arable land has become a new problem, and increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in plants is one of the issues.

Why is carbon dioxide so important in agriculture?

Carbon dioxide is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis of green plants, and 95% of the dry weight of crops comes from photosynthesis.

Greenhouse cultivation keeps the crops in a relatively closed place for a long time. The carbon dioxide concentration in the shed varies greatly within a day, reaching the maximum value of 1000-1200ppm before sunrise, and dropping to about 100ppm in 2.5-3 hours after sunrise, which is only The atmospheric concentration (330ppm) is about 30%, and it has been maintained until 2 hours in the afternoon before it starts to rise, and it returns to the atmospheric level at about 4 in the afternoon.

What is the relationship between carbon dioxide and increased production?

Insufficient carbon dioxide content: Vegetables lacking carbon dioxide have dark and dull leaves and poor plant growth; they bloom late, have fewer female flowers, and fall off more flowers and fruits; the leaves are low and flat, perpendicular to the main branch or drooping, and the leaf surface is uneven; There are many different-shaped fruits, 2-3 days late to market, low yield and few high-quality fruits.

Excessive carbon dioxide content: Too high carbon dioxide concentration often causes vegetable crop leaves to curl, affects the normal progress of photosynthesis, affects the absorption of oxygen by crops, and cannot perform normal respiratory metabolism.

The carbon dioxide concentration required by crops is generally 1000~1500ppm. According to China Agricultural Information Network, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini are three common vegetables. In view of this actual situation, carbon dioxide gas experiments have been carried out on these three vegetables, and the effect of increasing production is very significant. The three kinds of vegetables were applied with a carbon dioxide concentration of 1000 mg/kg.

Cucumber yield increased by 465.5 kg per 667 square meters, an increase of 27.1%;

Tomato yield increased by 410.7 kg per 667 square meters, an increase of 23.6%;

Zucchini yield increased by 373.2 kg per 667 square meters. Increased production by 21.9%.

By comparison, it is known that after applying carbon dioxide to the greenhouse vegetables, the plant properties are significantly better than those without carbon dioxide.

In summary, a suitable carbon dioxide concentration can promote photosynthesis, but too high (the volume fraction of carbon dioxide in the air exceeds 0.5%-0.6%) will reduce the efficiency of photosynthesis. In addition, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and it is easy to accumulate near the ground after a large amount of use. A long time will reduce the oxygen content in the surface soil layer, resulting in weakened root respiration, thereby affecting the growth and development of roots. Therefore, installing a carbon dioxide sensor in the greenhouse can ensure that the carbon dioxide concentration is too high or too low to alarm in time.

The carbon dioxide sensor RS-CO2*-*-2 adopts a new infrared calibration technology for CO2 concentration measurement, and the response is rapid and sensitive, avoiding the life and long-term drift problems of traditional electrochemical sensors;

equipment 10-30V Wide voltage power supply, wide measuring range, default 0-5000ppm, with temperature compensation, little influence by temperature.

The carbon dioxide sensor can output signal through RS485 and analog mode.

The wall-mounted waterproof shell has a high degree of protection and can adapt to various harsh conditions on site. The equipment can work normally and stably in harsh environments such as wind, dust, rain and snow.

The equipment adopts polymer waterproof material, which can not only filter out the humidity in the environment, but also ensure the normal circulation of gas, which further ensures the accuracy of the equipment measurement.

The carbon dioxide sensor has high stability, high accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability. It can be widely used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation, edible fungus planting and other occasions that require CO2 and temperature and humidity monitoring. It has broad application prospects.

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