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How does a hotel choose a temperature and humidity transmitter?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-10
How does a hotel choose a temperature and humidity transmitter?
Scientific research shows that the human body feels the most comfortable when the ambient temperature is between 18°C u200bu200band 25°C and the relative humidity is between 40% and 70%. In order to ensure a comfortable and comfortable indoor environment, hotels generally install temperature and humidity transmitters to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room.

There are three types of temperature and humidity transmitters: analog type, 485 type and network type.

The analog temperature and humidity transmitter adopts a digital integrated sensor as a probe, and is equipped with a digital processing circuit to convert the temperature and relative humidity in the environment into the corresponding standard analog signal, 4-20mA , 0-5V or 0-10V. The installation process requires wiring. The 485 temperature and humidity transmitter circuit uses a microprocessor chip and a temperature sensor to ensure the reliability, stability and interchangeability of the product. Adopt particle sintered probe sheath, the probe is directly connected with the shell. The output signal type is RS485, which can reliably carry out distributed monitoring with the host computer system, and can communicate with the maximum distance of 2000 meters. The standard modbus protocol supports secondary development. Similarly, the installation process requires wiring. Network type temperature and humidity transmitter is divided into GPRS type, WIFI type, Ethernet type

GPRS type

GPRS temperature and humidity transmitter series are based on GPRS transmission temperature and humidity transmitter, only one With a SIM card of China Mobile or China Unicom, the collected temperature and humidity data can be uploaded to the server through the network base station.

WIFI type

WIFI wireless data transmission industrial-grade temperature and humidity transmitter, can collect temperature and humidity data and pass the wireless local area network, 'WirelessFidelity' is based on the IEEE802.11b standard wireless local area network, which is commonly referred to as 'WirelessFidelity' Upload to the server via WIFI.

Ethernet type

Ethernet type temperature and humidity transmitter can collect temperature and humidity data and upload it to the server via Ethernet. This series of products make full use of the established Ethernet communication network to realize long-distance data collection and transmission, and realize centralized monitoring of temperature and humidity data.

In order to prevent wiring troubles, WIFI-type temperature and humidity transmitters can be used in hotels, so that the established WIFI communication network can be used to realize the collection and transmission of temperature and humidity changes in the environment without damaging the hotel. The overall decoration effect also greatly reduces the amount of construction and improves construction efficiency and maintenance costs.

(WIFI-type temperature and humidity transmitter)

The WIFI-type temperature and humidity transmitter adopts a product design with a large-size LCD screen and buttons, and is built-in with high quality imported from Switzerland The temperature and humidity measurement unit has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability to ensure the excellent measurement performance of the product.

The internal integrated alarm module (buzzer or relay) of the WIFI temperature and humidity transmitter has the function of over-limit alarm. The frequency of the recorder to collect temperature and humidity is 2S/time, and the default data upload frequency is 20S/time, but it supports free setting between the data upload frequency 1S~10000S/time and the recording period between 1 minute and 24 hours; we pass Press the button to set the upper and lower limit values u200bu200bof temperature and humidity. Once the value exceeds the limit, the recorder will give an on-site sound and light alarm to indicate that the value exceeds the limit; once the limit is exceeded, it is convenient for the administrator to adjust in time. At the same time, it also has a powerful storage function, which can store up to 65,000 records.

The WIFI temperature and humidity transmitter can automatically monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. It can upload real-time data to the monitoring software via WIFI, or display the real-time data on the LCD screen to facilitate guests to understand the room The temperature and humidity conditions.

The PeopleSoft RS-RJ-K monitoring platform is a local monitoring software that supports logging in to the web page through computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals to view the real-time temperature and humidity data of all rooms, download and print Historical data (Excel spreadsheets, etc.), with functions such as data display on the floor plan, over-limit alarm, data analysis, etc., and all rooms in the hotel can be connected to the monitoring platform to achieve overall monitoring.

Check the temperature and humidity data in real time, and the data exceeds the limit alarm:

You can check the alarm event at any time:

Use WIFI type temperature and humidity transmitter + monitoring software to system All rooms will be monitored and managed. By setting parameters to go online and offline, once the limit is exceeded, you can get an alarm in time to ensure that the temperature and humidity are in the most suitable range for the human body. While improving the guest's experience and satisfaction, it also improves the competitiveness of the hotel.

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