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How does a pig farm choose a smart agricultural breeding program?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-30
How does a pig farm choose a smart agricultural breeding program?
Pig raising is a technical job. It is by no means as simple as feeding the pigs and killing them to eat meat. The whole process is intricate, involving feed, feeding, reproduction, circulation, slaughter, processing and many other links. They are linked together to form the so-called live pig industry chain. Among them, pig breeding is the core of the entire industry chain, that is to say, the quality of pig breeding directly determines the direction of market prices. How can we raise a pig?

We all know that environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration, and light intensity in the pig farm have a considerable impact on the growth rate and development of the pigs raised, and must be systematically tested In order to ensure the healthy growth of pigs, the smart agricultural breeding program can just meet the above multi-element environmental testing.

Smart agricultural breeding program

The smart agricultural breeding program is a pig farm intelligent breeding system based on the Internet of Things. It uses the Internet of Things technology to work around the production and management of the facility pig farm. . This solution can collect online farm environment information through corresponding sensors (carbon dioxide, ammonia, illuminance, air temperature and humidity, etc.), combined with the pig farm’s Internet of Things control system, to manage and control the pig farm’s environment. How is it implemented? The editor will give you a detailed introduction:

The smart agricultural breeding program can be divided into wireless network system data, temperature and humidity detection, illumination detection, carbon dioxide concentration detection, ammonia concentration detection uploading, and so on.

1. Wireless network system data upload

The construction of wireless network system mainly adopts 4G network, which can cover monitoring points that are difficult to wire or have a long distance. It is a wireless collector, environmental monitoring probe, The mobile application terminal provides data transmission services, thereby reducing the cost of integrated wiring, adapting to the integrated wiring requirements of the pig farm breeding environment, and ensuring the mobile application of the system.

2. Temperature and humidity detection

Temperature and humidity detection usually uses temperature and humidity sensors. The temperature and humidity sensor can convert the temperature and humidity in the pig farm into corresponding digital signals, and then upload the temperature and humidity data to the small host through the 4G network, and then transmit it to the terminal for real-time monitoring.

The temperature and humidity sensor has the advantages of stable performance, small size, high sensitivity and wide measurement range, and can be used in the harsh environment of the livestock house.

3. Illumination detection

The intensity of light is closely related to the health of livestock and poultry. Natural light contains ultraviolet rays, and proper amount of light has the functions of killing bacteria and viruses and promoting body development. Therefore, the light intensity sensor can be used to control the light intensity and light time; reasonable control of light intensity and light time can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by pigs and ensure the normal development of bones.

4. Carbon dioxide concentration detection

The carbon dioxide concentration is also very important for the growth of pigs. Excessive carbon dioxide content in the pig farm will cause chronic hypoxia, weak physique, and susceptibility to various chronic infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to use a carbon dioxide sensor to detect carbon dioxide in the house in real time and build a carbon dioxide information collection network system for pig farms. This is of great significance for pig farms to reduce morbidity and mortality.

5. Ammonia gas concentration detection

Ammonia gas concentration detection requires an ammonia gas sensor; ammonia gas is an alkaline substance with high solubility. It is often adsorbed or dissolved on the mucous membranes of livestock and poultry, damp walls and the ground. It is strongly irritating and corrosive to skin tissues, and it will destroy the structure of cell membranes. If growing in a high-concentration ammonia environment, the pig's body will be directly exposed to strong stimulation, causing skin tissue burns, tissue dissolution and necrosis, and even central nervous system paralysis, causing toxic liver disease, myocardial damage and other diseases.

Intelligent breeding has opened a new trend of breeding. Through the connection of computers, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and big data technologies, the production efficiency of pig farms has been greatly improved and the cost of breeding has been reduced. With the deepening of intelligent breeding, China's pig breeding will embark on a high-quality development path. The quality of pork will continue to improve, the efficiency of breeding will continue to increase, and the cost of breeding will continue to decline. The price of pork will be more reasonable and closer to the people.

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