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How does the campus weather station promote meteorological science?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-29
How does the campus weather station promote meteorological science?
'Dragonflies fly low on the banks of the rivers and lakes, and there will be rain in front of us.' When we were primary school students, we began to learn about meteorological changes, knowing that people's production and life are closely related to weather changes.

As humans have reached a certain level of atmospheric scientific research, use and mastery, the meteorological science education work for the whole society, especially the majority of elementary and middle school students, has become an important part of the meteorological cause. The 'Meteorological Popularization Development Plan (2019-2025)' issued by the China Meteorological Administration clearly stated that it is necessary to implement the improvement project of campus meteorological popularization activities, continue to encourage and support primary and secondary schools to run their own campus meteorological stations, and integrate the construction of campus meteorological stations with school meteorological technology. Combine education.

my country’s campus meteorological science education has a long history. In the last century, campus weather stations have been established in primary and middle school campuses across the country. After the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, campus weather stations have risen again. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently thousands of campus weather stations nationwide, and there are about 660,000 young people in the country who have access to meteorological knowledge through campus weather stations. The campus weather station not only allows students to understand the basic methods of meteorological observation and stimulates students' interest in natural geography, but also provides a basis for arranging education and teaching activities for teachers and students.

The significance of campus meteorological science popularization

As a place for teaching and educating people, the school itself shoulders the responsibility of cultivating students’ scientific literacy. Through the popularization of meteorological knowledge, students can cultivate a rigorous scientific attitude and attitude towards meteorological science. To help students to further understand the meaning of weather monitoring, to master the correct methods of observing meteorological elements, to understand the crisis faced by the atmosphere and the hazards caused by air pollution, and to establish students’ awareness of environmental protection.

Application of campus weather station

1. Real-time monitoring: The campus weather station can monitor the temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, PM10, noise, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological elements of the campus in real time. It can provide campus weather information more accurately and timely, the data is detailed and reliable, and it has high preservation and teaching value.

2. Remote query: The data collected by the weather station can be uploaded to the remote monitoring software platform through the network or RS485, etc., and you can log in on the mobile APP and web page to view, store, analyze and export the data. It is available to consult the meteorological data of various time periods at any time, enhance the students' actual geographical observation ability, and also meet the actual needs of teachers in teaching.

3. Large-screen display: The environmental monitoring platform can be connected to the school’s LED screen with a communication server to display real-time data on various environmental elements in the campus, remind students to pay attention to changes in the meteorological environment in the campus, and arrange exercise and rest reasonably. It is also possible to further strengthen the popularization and education of meteorological disaster prevention and climate change based on meteorological data.

In short, the establishment of the campus weather station optimizes the campus science and technology environment, which is of great significance to improve the awareness of science and technology of young students, to invigorate the students’ after-school life, and to inspire students to master meteorology and related knowledge. And application, improve students’ knowledge and understanding of disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge, and at the same time spread more meteorological science knowledge to parents and others around them through students, promote the development of meteorological science popularization, and promote the community to pay attention to meteorological issues.

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