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How does the drug temperature and humidity monitoring system play a role in prevention and control

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-02
How does the drug temperature and humidity monitoring system play a role in prevention and control
In the early morning of May 13, 2021, Shili Hospital in Yu'an District, Lu'an City conducted a routine test on the patient Zhang Moumou, and the result was positive after being reviewed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Lu'an City, and the expert team consulted Diagnosed as ordinary type. Subsequently, the risk level of Zhedong Trade City and Yu'an District Baichuan Mingting Community in Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province was rated as medium risk. Resident testing was carried out overnight in some communities.

In the face of increasingly hot weather and numerous test samples, how to ensure the storage environment of test reagents, ensure the quality of test reagents, and ensure the accuracy of test data has become an important consideration for local drug regulatory authorities and medical institutions problem.

The test kit must be kept in a low temperature environment of 2-8 degrees Celsius throughout the entire process. Under different temperature conditions, the number of days the test reagent can be stored will vary greatly. For example, the specimen that can be tested within 24 hours can be placed in Store at 4°C. Specimens that cannot be detected within 24 hours should be stored at -70°C or below (if there is no storage condition at -70°C, they should be stored in a refrigerator at -20°C).

If the storage temperature is not up to standard, it may cause the virus to degrade, resulting in a 'false negative' test result. This requires the use of medical refrigerators for storage during transportation and storage, and real-time temperature measurement work to ensure the accuracy of the detection data.

The maintenance of medicines requires the use of modern science and technology to ensure the quality of medicines and ensure the safety of medicines. Therefore, temperature and humidity sensors have become a better choice for monitoring the storage environment of medicines.

The drug temperature and humidity monitoring system designed according to the actual situation of the drug storage warehouse can automatically monitor and record the temperature and humidity conditions during the drug storage process, effectively preventing risks that may affect the quality and safety of the drug during the storage process. Ensure the quality and safety of medicines.

Pharmaceutical temperature and humidity monitoring system

The system consists of a temperature and humidity sensor, a monitoring host and a medical monitoring platform. Multi-point collection and centralized monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the pharmacy environment are carried out through the radio temperature and humidity recorder and the GPRS wireless vehicle-mounted host to ensure the stability of the temperature and humidity environment for the medicine storage.

The radio temperature and humidity recorder can be installed on the outside of the medical refrigerator, and the extension probe of the recorder is placed inside the refrigerator for real-time collection of temperature and humidity data; the extension probe line is a flat probe line with a thickness of only 2.4 mm, the probe extends into the refrigerator and there is no gap in contact with the sealing strip, which will not affect the heat preservation effect of the refrigerator.

The GPRS type wireless vehicle-mounted host can receive the data uploaded by the radio temperature and humidity measurement points, and then upload the data to the medical monitoring platform by GPRS communication. The wireless transmission has good penetrability, and the line-of-sight communication with the measuring point can reach 600 meters, and it can penetrate 3 to 4 floors.

The medical monitoring software platform is an environmental monitoring platform specially developed by PeopleSoft for drug storage environmental monitoring. It can automatically receive and store temperature and humidity data in real time, and display the current data in real time on the main interface. Users can query any time period and any tested equipment The temperature and humidity data; the platform supports data export and printing functions, and you can choose to print data according to user needs.

System advantages:

Remote data viewing: The monitoring software platform supports multi-terminal viewing such as mobile phones and PC terminals, and can assign multi-level authority accounts to view and download monitoring data to ensure the safety and effectiveness of detection reagents, while avoiding The risk of infection brought by the process of monitoring the storage environment of the reagents is eliminated.

No wiring inside the pharmacy: The temperature and humidity recorder uses 433M radio transmission mode for data transmission, and the communication distance is 800m, which can penetrate 3-4 walls to connect to the wireless host; at the same time, the recorder is equipped with low-power lithium battery power supply, one charge It can work continuously for more than 45 days; the monitoring host adopts GPRS method to upload data; the system is convenient and quick to install, reduces the construction period, and facilitates the transportation and storage process of testing reagents.

Multiple alarm methods: The medical monitoring software platform supports the setting of the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity for each temperature and humidity measuring point. Once the data exceeds the limit, the platform can notify multiple via platforms, text messages, emails, etc. The management personnel take timely measures; the temperature and humidity recorder and the monitoring host have a built-in buzzer, which triggers its own sound and light alarm when the limit is exceeded.

Data is continuous and complete: Both the temperature and humidity recorder and the monitoring host have automatic buffering functions. When the communication is disconnected, the device can automatically buffer the data, and upload the buffered data to the monitoring platform when the communication is restored, ensuring the transportation of the test reagents Integrity of temperature and humidity data during storage.

The wind will be calm and the waves will be quiet. I believe we can overcome difficulties, and we hope that we can overcome difficulties as soon as possible. We must do a good job of personal protection, obey orders and not add chaos, get vaccinated in time, and do a little bit for prevention and control. ~ Hard work.

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