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How does the home wireless weather station in the villa courtyard work and apply in life?

How does the home wireless weather station in the villa courtyard work and apply in life?


RIKA RK900-05 wireless weather station is popular among individual home users. It is installed in the middle of the garden lawn in front of the house and behind the house.Send your home’s weather and environmental conditions wirelessly to the dedicated display in your home in real time.When you are in any corner of the world with a network, you can always know the weather environment around your home, and you can log in to the website to check temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, solar radiation and so on.

All this not only brings convenience to the personal life of the user's family, but also improves the high-tech environment of the family. Nowadays, natural disasters are frequent, and the hazards caused by landslides, mudslides, and high temperatures are very serious and even life-threatening. The high-tech family weather station can provide real-time weather before it happens, you and your family will have an extra security.

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The RK900-05 wireless weather station includes a console and an integrated sensor assembly, which integrates a rainfall collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer into one, which is convenient for installation and improves performance and reliability.

The indoor and outdoor sensors of the weather station use battery power supply, no additional wiring is required for power supply, completely independent and autonomous operation, beautiful and environmentally friendly. The console uses the included AC power adapter

Note: The outdoor sensor has solar charging function, but it only charges the internal super capacitor, not the battery. Therefore, outdoor sensors use non-rechargeable batteries

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RK900-05 home weather station features:

* TFT color display

* WIFI connect to router

*Record all minimum and maximum values and the time and date of their recording

*Internal memory: 4GB

*Time display, including hour, minute, date

*Automatic summer time function

*Weather symbol

*High/low alarm

*Calibration function is available

*Outdoor unit powered by solar energy

* All weather data from the station and weather history data with user-adjustable measurement intervals can be recorded and uploaded to your PC

*Free PC software for transferring weather data to PC (supports Windows system)

*Measurement parameters: indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor temperature and humidity, Lux index (solar radiation index: w/m2), UV index, wind speed and direction, wind chill, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure, 1 hour rainfall data, since last time 24 hours, week, month and total since reset

*Automatically upload the data to the website (www.wunderground.com), and you can view the weather information of the weather station anywhere after browsing the Internet

*The weather station data (underground weather) can be viewed at any time through the APP

*Display languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Spanish, Chinese

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RK900-05 Wireless Home Weather Station used to measure the indoor temperature and humidity and outdoor temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light, ultraviolet radiation, wind speed and direction, dew-point,rainfall, large screen color LCD display and built-in large capacity storage function, the product can be through the WIFI meteorological data uploaded to www.wunderground.com, also can through the APP to view data, suitable for installation in the garden, villa, park, country house and other areas.

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