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How does the pest monitoring system help agricultural pest monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-18
How does the pest monitoring system help agricultural pest monitoring?
Recently, the National Agricultural Technology Center organized experts from scientific research, teaching and extension units to analyze and discuss the trend of major crop diseases and insect pests nationwide in 2021. Based on comprehensive analysis of factors such as the base number of pest sources, planting systems, crop layout, and climate, it is estimated that the first category of crop pests and diseases will recur in 2021, with an area of u200bu200b1.428 billion mu of occurrences across the country, an increase of 17.5% year-on-year.

How to prevent pests and diseases has become the key to this food defense war. In traditional agriculture, people often rely on their own experience to control insect pests by spraying a lot of pesticides. Obviously, this method puts a lot of pressure on the agricultural environment, which will not only cause serious pesticide residues in agricultural products, but also hinder the sales of agricultural products. Therefore, in order to change this situation, improve the alert and comprehensive prevention and control capabilities of agricultural harmful insects and alien organisms, further improve the monitoring system of major agricultural pests, and launch a set of insect monitoring system.

The insect situation monitoring system is an image-based insect situation forecasting tool. Compared with the traditional insect situation monitoring system, the insect situation monitoring system combines the Internet of Things technology and the information transmission technology. It can automatically complete the trapping, killing, and dispersing of insects without supervision. System operations such as photographing, transportation, and collection, and real-time upload of the pest situation to the agricultural pest situation monitoring and reporting platform, displaying the recognized types and numbers of pests on the web page, and analyzing the occurrence and development of pests based on the identification results.

The insect situation monitoring system adopts 304 stainless steel, using modern light, electricity, and numerical control integrated counting to realize the automatic far-infrared processing of the insect body, the conveyor belt to cooperate with the transportation, and the automatic operation of the whole lamp. The system consists of a pest trapping system, a processing system (infrared insecticide, pest drying, tiled transmission), a photographing system, a transmission system, and an agricultural insect situation forecasting system.

So, what are the unknown 'highlights' of the insect monitoring system?

1. Accurate. 'Quasi' refers to accurate monitoring. The insect situation monitoring system is a new generation of image-based insect situation monitoring and reporting tools. The system can provide accurate insect situation monitoring data. Within a certain range, at different times, it can provide information on the occurrence of insect pests. Accurate and effective data support.

2, green. 'Green' refers to the prevention and control technology. In the past, the prevention and control of insect pests used pesticides, which polluted the environment and harmed the agricultural production environment, but now there is an insect situation monitoring system, which uses modern light, electricity, and numerical control integrated counting to realize the insect body. The far-infrared automatic processing is helpful to vigorously promote the green prevention and control technology of crop pests and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

3. Unification. 'Unification' refers to the realization of unification in the form of control. After the insect situation monitoring system is upgraded, it can upload real-time environmental weather and insect pest situation to the designated agricultural insect situation monitoring and reporting platform. As long as the network is connected, you can see the various aspects of the insect situation. This kind of data will help all regions actively promote specialized unified defense and governance services.

The pest monitoring system can also be widely used in farmland areas, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable gardens, tobacco planting areas, tea gardens, medicinal planting areas, gardens, fruit gardens, urban green areas and other fields.

You only need to place the hardware facilities in the field, and you can understand the changes in the field of insects without leaving the house, and provide users with preventive guidance in time, so as to reduce the threat of insect pests to a low value and provide a guarantee for the steady increase of agricultural production capacity. . So as to achieve the dual agricultural development goals of beautiful environment and high food production.

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