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How important is the lampblack detector to the catering industry?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-08
How important is the lampblack detector to the catering industry?

Summer is here, and most human activities are carried out indoors, but the pollution of the indoor environment can cause various diseases. Cooking fumes and irritating odor gases are one of the main indoor environmental pollution sources. When the cooking temperature is higher than 130°C, oil fumes will start to be generated from the edible fats, which will cause damage to people’s respiratory and circulatory systems, especially when the temperature reaches At 230-280°C, some carcinogenic substances may be produced in the oil fume at this time.

According to the analysis of the Taiwan Department of Health, the proportion of housewives in Taiwan suffering from lung cancer remains high. The main reason is that they have been exposed to cooking fumes for a long time.

. A survey in Nanjing found that 51.6% of lung squamous cell carcinomas and 61% of lung adenocarcinomas in the population were attributed to household oil fume pollution. As we all know, the oil fume and harmful substances emitted by the catering industry will cause more serious environmental pollution. Many countries, including China, have enacted relevant laws to control their oil fume emissions.

Dining oil fume refers to a complex composition and a mixture of gas, solid, and liquid when cooking oil is used to heat and cook food at a higher temperature. The resulting aerosol state of smoke is referred to as catering oil fume for short. The common cooking methods such as frying, frying, stir-frying and barbecue in our country have the characteristics of large amount of oil, heavy taste, and high temperature. Among them, cooking oil, cooking seasonings and food materials undergo various physical changes and changes under high temperature conditions. The chemical reaction produces a mixture of oil fumes.

The particle size of cooking oil fume smoke is mostly distributed in the range of 1~10μm, of which PM2.5 is the main one. The oil fume produced during cooking is easily inhaled by the human body and enters the respiratory system. . The inhalable toxic components and particulates in oil fume have obvious accumulated toxicity, immunotoxicity and mutagenic toxicity, which can cause bronchitis, lung cancer, and damage liver cells. The Environmental Protection Law, the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, and some local laws and regulations all require the catering service industry to install oil fume purification equipment, and ultimately achieve the requirements for oil fume emission. Product standards and testing standards for oil fume purification equipment have also been promulgated one after another, to carry out product testing services for oil fume purification equipment, and strive to manage the root causes and symptoms of oil fume pollution in the core links. Therefore, the oil smoke detector is indispensable.

The oil fume detector uses the principle of charge detection to test the emission concentration of dietary oil fume. The oil fume aerosol particles are charged when they pass through a high-voltage electric field. The effect of electric field force and flowing air flow It is pushed to the charge collection network, and a signal is generated in the circuit connected to the collection network. The change of the signal is proportional to the concentration of the discharged oil fume. The detection signal can be processed and converted to obtain the oil fume concentration.

RS-LB1-N01-FL is designed to respond to the country’s supervision of cooking fume in the catering industry. The concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbons (NMHC) are measured continuously for 24 hours. The detector is designed with 2 current detections, which can detect whether the fan and the purifier are working at the same time. The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and the purifier, which is suitable for fans and purifiers of all powers. The detector uses an open-type current transformer, which can be measured without cutting the fan or purifier cable. At the same time, the detector adopts 485 port interface standard Modbus-RTU protocol communication, which can be connected to the provided platform or connected to the matching lampblack host.

The oil fume online detector is equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the Chinese interface is easy to understand. In view of the complicated problem of oil fume monitoring oil fume composition, a special sensor is designed to accurately analyze the oil fume concentration and particle concentration, and will not be affected by the large amount of steam generated by the steamer and basket in the kitchen, and the monitoring is more accurate. The equipment adopts a reasonable gas circuit design, which can achieve long-term operation, maintenance-free, and can be maintained once every six months at the longest.

Refuse oil fume, don't forget the 'peerless weapon' of oil fume detector!

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