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How is the rainfall data obtained in rainfall monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-31
How is the rainfall data obtained in rainfall monitoring?
It is understood that the China Meteorological Administration stipulates that the rainfall within 24 hours is the daily rainfall, the daily rainfall below 10 mm is called light rain, 10.0-24.9 mm is moderate rain, 25.0-49.9 mm is heavy rain, heavy rain It is 50.0 to 99.9 mm, the heavy rain is 100.0 to 250.0 mm, and the heavy rain exceeds 250.0 mm.

Because of my country's vast territory, a few regions have other regulations based on the specific conditions of the place. For example, in the rainy Guangdong, the daily rainfall of more than 80 mm is called torrential rain; while in Yan'an, where the rainfall is less, the daily rainfall of more than 30 mm is called torrential rain.

The amount of precipitation will greatly affect human production and life and other fields. Excessive precipitation will cause floods, landslides, mudslides and other natural disasters, which will cause great economic loss and inconvenience to human production and life; if precipitation is too low, it will increase the difference between domestic water and farmland irrigation water and factory water. Contradiction; causing land salinization or land desertification, etc. It is precisely because of this series of contradictions that the 'birth' of rainfall monitoring equipment was created. Through the use of professional instruments to monitor rainfall, so as to avoid the adverse effects of natural disasters.

At present, the main tools used by meteorology and hydrology to measure rainfall are tipping bucket rain gauges. This kind of measuring instrument flows the received rainfall into a small bucket, and when it reaches a certain amount, it will automatically dump it, and at the same time form a corresponding rainfall record. The 0.1mm tipping bucket rain sensor is used for meteorology, and 0.5mm is used for hydrology.

The tipping bucket rain gauge is a more advanced measuring device that automatically generates rainfall records. They used a rain gauge and a measuring cup before. The diameter of the rain gauge is generally 20 cm, and it contains a funnel and a bottle. The diameter of the measuring cup is 4 cm, and it is used in conjunction with the rain measuring cylinder. When measuring, pour the rainwater in the rain measuring cylinder into the measuring cup. According to the scale on the cup, the rainfall in the corresponding period can be known.

The tipping bucket rain gauge is a remote rain measurement instrument composed of a sensor and a signal recorder. The sensor is composed of a water receiver, an upper tipping bucket, a metering tipping bucket, a counting tipping bucket, and a reed switch. The recorder is composed of a counter, a recorder, etc. It is composed of pen, self-recording clock, control circuit board, etc. The tipping bucket is injection-molded of engineering plastics and is divided into two half-cone chambers of equal volume with a middle partition. It is a mechanical bistable structure. When one chamber receives water, the other chamber is in a waiting state. When it rains, the rainwater collected by the water receiving port is injected into the metering bucket through the funnel. When the volume of the received rainwater reaches a predetermined value of 0.2mm, the chamber will overturn due to gravity and be in a waiting state, and the other chamber will be in a state of receiving water. When the water receiving capacity reaches the predetermined value, the bucket is turned over again and is in a waiting state. A magnetic steel is installed on the side wall of the tipping bucket, which scans from the side of the dry reed tube when the tipping bucket flips, so that the dry reed tube can be switched on and off. That is, every time the tipping bucket is overturned, the dry reed pipe will switch on and send out a pulse signal once-this is the working principle of the pulsed tipping bucket rain gauge.

Pulse tipping bucket rain gauge is a comprehensive observation instrument used to measure and record various rainfall information. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, all-outdoor design, accurate measurement, long transmission distance, small size, high precision, fully automatic unattended operation, stable operation, etc. It can be used for flood control, water supply dispatching, power station and reservoir water regime management, etc. Hydrological automatic forecasting system.

The tipping bucket rain gauge can guide customers in terms of data acquisition and control systems that enable it to measure all required parameters. The inner diameter of the rain-bearing mouth is 200mm, and the edge of the rain-bearing mouth is blade-shaped. The angle of the rain-bearing mouth should be in the range of 40°~45°, which conforms to the requirements of 'Tipping Bucket Rain Sensor' GB/T21978.2-2014 National standard requirements effectively ensure the accuracy of rainfall monitoring.

The integrated rotary positioning structure design is a highlight of the tipping bucket sleeve of the PeopleSoft pulse tipping bucket rain gauge. The tipping bucket adopts a three-dimensional streamlined design, designed with a drooping curved diversion tip, which is beautiful and smooth, and has better turning water. Among them, the tipping bucket component support system is well-made, and the friction torque is small, so the tipping bucket components are sensitive to flip, stable performance, and reliable work. ; In particular, the water diversion funnel, tipping bucket and drainage funnel in the water channel components are made of imported high-quality transparent materials, making the observation of the dynamic working process of the instrument more clear.

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