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How much do you know about industrial temperature and humidity recorders?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-26
How much do you know about industrial temperature and humidity recorders?
The industrial temperature and humidity recorder is a measuring point terminal in the temperature and humidity monitoring system, which is mainly used for temperature and humidity monitoring in places such as drug storage warehouses and cold chain logistics.

The temperature and humidity recorder is an instrument that converts the process of one or more variables over time or another variable into recognizable and readable signals. It can save the recorded signal changes for analysis and processing. The main feature of the recorder is that it can automatically record the slow change process and transient level change process of periodic or non-periodic multi-channel signals.

According to the type of input and output signals of the temperature and humidity recorder, the recorder can be divided into analog-digital, digital-analog, analog-analog, digital-digital and other forms. Their main circuit varies according to the output form the difference. When the output is a digital signal, its main circuit is a memory circuit that can store digital information. It can send the digital signal to a tape drive, punching machine or other equipment at any time, or use an oscilloscope to observe the analog waveform after appropriate conversion, such as digital memory and Waveform memory. When the output is an analog signal, the main circuit of the recorder is an analog amplifier drive circuit without storage function. The signal must be immediately recorded on paper, photosensitive film or tape with a suitable recording device and method to save the information for further analysis and processing. Such as various pen recorders, light recorders, temperature and humidity, tape recorders, etc.

The main function of the temperature and humidity recorder is to sense the corresponding changes through the corresponding temperature and humidity electronic components, and then convert them into the temperature and humidity changes through the circuit, with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor or an external temperature and humidity sensor can be connected Measure the temperature and humidity; automatically record and store the measured temperature and humidity values; transmit or download the saved measurement data to the computer through a certain method (such as RS232, RS485, USB, wireless interface, etc.); monitor the temperature and humidity through the built-in software Perform the necessary analysis on the data.

At present, there are many types of temperature and humidity recorders in the market, and different products have different characteristics and are suitable for different scenarios. In this regard, how companies choose products that are suitable for them, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

1. Big brands. In recent years, although the temperature and humidity recorder market has developed rapidly, it is still in an immature stage. The market is mixed and the product quality varies. When choosing a temperature and humidity recorder, it is recommended to look for large-brand products, which are reliable and guaranteed.

2. Hard technology. There are many types of temperature and humidity recorders, and the use of technology is uneven. When selecting, consider the actual application environment and requirements, such as range, output and display, installation method, sampling method, gas type, material and structure, control and monitoring requirements, environmental hazards Sex and so on. In addition, we must also pay attention to factors such as cost performance and maintenance workload, such as:

● Easy to operate: You must choose an easy-to-operate instrument when choosing an instrument, which will bring convenience to the inspection process

● Calibration: The method of verification and whether it is easy to make must be considered, even if you do not need high-precision results. For instruments that are convenient for on-site and in-situ calibration, it will save your workload.

●Rugged and durable: The temperature and humidity recorder and the housing should consider whether it can withstand condensation, dryness, extreme temperature, dust, chemical, or other pollution.

3. Good service. As a technical product, the temperature and humidity recorder also needs to consider the service guarantee when purchasing. The merchant should have the ability to make corresponding solutions according to different user needs and different usage requirements, and do a good job of follow-up service.

4. Low price. Temperature and humidity recorders are indispensable monitoring equipment for the medical cold chain logistics and transportation, and there is a large demand. When purchasing, priority should be given to low-priced products under the premise of ensuring quality and technology to save corporate costs.

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