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How much is the dust monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-13
How much is the dust monitoring system
2020 is a decisive year to win the battle to defend the blue sky. In accordance with the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, we will adhere to the same direction and strength, adhere to scientific, precise, and legal pollution control, and continue to promote the industrial structure, energy structure, and The optimization and adjustment of transportation structure and land use structure, coordinated promotion of economic development and environmental protection, and continuous improvement of national air quality are the main theme of winning the blue sky defense this year.

There are many pollution sources around our lives, resulting in a harsh atmospheric environment, and PM2.5 has risen sharply. The main pollution sources come from industrial dust, coal, motor vehicle exhaust, dust, etc., among which dust occupies the source of pollution. 28% of air pollution is one of the main factors of current air pollution.

Flying dust is also divided into many types, mainly road dust, construction dust, storage yard dust, etc. For the fugitive dust, the state has issued a series of measurement standards to ensure the level of particulate matter. The specific standards are: /p>1. National standard GB 5748-85 'Determination method of dust in the air of workplaces'

2. Ministry of Health industry standard WS/T206-2001 'Determination method of inhalable particulate matter in the air of public places (PM10)

p>-Light Scattering Method';

3. Ministry of Labor Industry Standard LD98-1996 'Light Scattering Method for Measuring Dust Concentration in Air';

4. National Occupational Health Standard GBZ2-2002 'Workplace Occupational Exposure Limits for Hazardous Factors' and GBZ 159-

5.2004 'Sampling Regulations for Monitoring Hazardous Substances in the Workplace Air'

According to the government’s monitoring requirements, many fugitive dust monitoring products have appeared on the market, including fugitive dust monitoring. The dust monitor and the dust monitoring platform, the dust monitor can monitor the temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, noise, wind speed, wind direction, wind, atmospheric pressure, TSP and other parameters. The data is uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform to facilitate the monitoring indoor staff to understand the data in time to make corresponding measures. The data can also be uploaded to the government supervision department in real time to meet the supervision requirements of the supervision department.

So, how much does such a dust monitoring system cost?

1. Fugitive dust monitor

The fugitive dust monitor is the terminal for monitoring data. There are two main products on the market that meet the requirements of the government, the ordinary dust monitor and the pump-suction online dust monitor. There are some gaps in the price of monitors. Pump suction dust monitors are more expensive, and then the price will be different according to the number of monitoring parameters. The price of ordinary dust monitors ranges from 1000+ to 2000+, and the pump-suction type dust monitors are around 20,000.

2. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The dust monitoring system needs to be equipped with an environmental monitoring cloud platform to view and record the monitored data. The dust monitoring platform integrates multi-element data on site to achieve centralized monitoring . The platform should realize real-time monitoring, alarm for data exceeding the standard, and push alarm messages or emails to designated contacts. The platform should also conduct site rankings and statistical analysis of data for all equipment to provide strong support for the scheduling and decision-making of competent departments at all levels. In general, most manufacturers provide environmental monitoring cloud platforms for free, and a few manufacturers charge a fee.

3. Docking government platform functions

Due to different local policies, most municipal environmental protection departments can connect with government platforms through GPRS/4G, but a few municipal environmental protection platforms require network ports For network connection, many products on the market cannot be connected to the government. Those that can be connected to the government will be charged and will be charged every year in the future. But docking with government platforms is a service that the dust monitoring system should have, and it should be free.

To sum up, in the dust monitoring system, only the dust monitor needs to be purchased. According to different needs, the price is between 1000+~2000+. There are also about 20,000 pump suction dust. Other supporting software is free.

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