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How should the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide sensor be maintained?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-29
How should the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide sensor be maintained?

Carbon monoxide sensor is a safe gas detection product, which involves the production of carbon monoxide gas. At present, carbon monoxide sensor is widely used in mines, automobiles, homes and other places where air quality safety detection is required. The carbon monoxide sensor can continuously detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the place for 24 hours, and transmit real-time information to the monitoring platform, which can monitor gas changes anytime and anywhere.

In addition, the carbon monoxide sensor adopts a high-sensitivity sensor, which can automatically adapt to environmental changes and automatically correct the aging curve of the sensor. It has the characteristics of rapid response and strong anti-interference ability. It is a kind of can keep the detection sensitivity constant. Industrial safety instrumentation.

The working principle of the carbon monoxide sensor

When the carbon monoxide gas diffuses to the surface of the working electrode through the pores on the shell, the carbon monoxide gas is working under the catalysis of the working electrode. Oxidation occurs on the electrode.

The H+ ions and electrons generated by the oxidation reaction on the working electrode are transferred to the counter electrode which is kept at a certain distance from the working electrode through the electrolyte, and undergo a reduction reaction with the oxygen in the water.

Therefore, a reversible oxidation-reduction reaction occurs inside the sensor.

This reversible oxidation-reduction reaction always occurs between the working electrode and the counter electrode, and generates a potential difference between the electrodes.

However, the reactions that occur on both electrodes will polarize the electrodes, which makes it difficult to maintain a constant inter-electrode potential, which limits the detectable range of carbon monoxide concentration.

In order to maintain a constant potential between electrodes, we added a reference electrode. In the three-electrode electrochemical gas sensor, what the output terminal reflects is the potential change between the reference electrode and the working electrode. Since the reference electrode does not participate in the oxidation or reduction reaction, it can keep the potential between the electrodes constant. (Ie constant potential), the change in potential at this time is directly related to the change in the concentration of carbon oxide.

When the gas sensor generates an output current, its size is proportional to the concentration of the gas. By measuring the output current of the sensor with an external circuit through the electrode lead-out line, the concentration of carbon monoxide can be detected, and there is a wide linear measurement range. In this way, by connecting the signal acquisition circuit and the corresponding conversion and output circuit to the gas sensor, the carbon monoxide gas can be detected and monitored.

The carbon monoxide sensor is a sophisticated industrial electronic instrument, which is easily affected by the external environment during use, which leads to inaccurate detection data and shortens the service life of the sensor.

Therefore, in daily use, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the detector and maintain the detection sensitivity of its sensor. During maintenance, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Installation. When installing the carbon monoxide sensor, keep it away from places with a lot of smoke and dust.

2. Dust removal. When the carbon monoxide sensor is used for a long time, a large amount of dust will accumulate on its surface, which seriously affects the detection sensitivity of the carbon monoxide sensor. Therefore, the carbon monoxide sensor should be dusted regularly to keep the instrument clean.

3. Moisture-proof. Humid environment also affects the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide sensor, and even causes the instrument to fail to detect. Therefore, you should always check whether there are water drops in the instrument and perform drying treatment in time.

4. Clean. When cleaning the carbon monoxide sensor, avoid using detergents or solvents to wipe the instrument, which may damage the internal components of the carbon monoxide sensor and cause certain chemical reactions in the sensor material.

5. Check. Maintenance personnel should regularly check whether the carbon monoxide sensor is in normal working condition to avoid the occurrence of alarm failure.

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