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How to apply air quality sensor in air purifier

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-25

In modern buildings, due to the extensive use of air conditioners, the airtightness of the buildings is required to reduce energy consumption. Modern people live about 80% of the time every day, working indoors, and the opportunities for indoor and outdoor ventilation are greatly reduced. In this case, indoor and outdoor have become two relatively different environments. The degree of indoor air pollution can exceed air pollution, and measures can be taken to make indoor air quality better than air quality. Therefore, people have launched a series of air environmental protection work, and in this series of work, the use of sensors to detect indoor air quality is the primary link of environmental protection.

The following editor and everyone through this article to understand the application of air quality sensors in air purifiers.

In the current air purification field, air quality sensors have almost become standard accessories for purification equipment. For the application of sensors in air purifiers, air quality sensors/VOC sensors are recommended

The air quality sensor TGS2600 is an air quality sensor imported from Japan that has high sensitivity to extremely weak air pollution gases (focusing on cigarette smoke). Like the hydrogen or carbon monoxide present in cigarette smoke, this air quality sensor can detect several ppm of hydrogen. Due to the miniaturization of TGS2600, the heater current only needs 42mA, and the shell adopts a standard TO-5 metal package. In addition, the TGS2600 sensitive element is composed of an integrated heater and a metal oxide semiconductor on an alumina substrate. If there is an object detection gas in the air, the higher the concentration of the gas, the higher the conductivity of the sensor. With only a simple circuit, the change in conductivity can be converted into a signal output corresponding to the gas concentration.

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