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How to check the archives environment? Try the archives environmental monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-22
How to check the archives environment? Try the archives environmental monitoring system
For a long time, archives have belonged to institutions responsible for receiving, collecting, managing and deploying archives. The archives in the archives are broadly speaking, archives are directly formed by state agencies, troops, enterprises, institutions, social organizations, and individuals engaged in political, military, economic, scientific, cultural and other activities that have preservation value to the country and society. Historical records. Archival work involves various fields and industries, and is one of the important foundations for the development of various institutions and enterprises.

1. Archives environment
The so-called archives environment refers to the comprehensive factors that surround the space surrounding the archives, including air, water, soil, animals and plants, sunlight, and human activities. It is an institution that preserves and provides use of archives. When archives are placed in it, they are bound to be closely related to the environment and are affected and affected by the environment. Therefore, it is of great significance to use the archives environmental monitoring system to control the archives environment.

Second, the relevant standards of the archives environment

The temperature and humidity of the archives guest room have a great influence on the protection of the archives and the extension of the life of the archives.

So what is the temperature and humidity standard of the archives warehouse? According to the compulsory industry standard 'Code for Archives Construction Design' jointly approved and promulgated by the National Archives, the requirements for the temperature and humidity range of archive warehouses are: temperature 14℃~24℃, humidity 45%~60%RH.

This standard requirement was formulated in consideration of my country’s national economic and climatic conditions, as far as possible to facilitate the preservation of archive materials and prevent the growth and reproduction of archive mold fungi. .

3. The impact of the archives environment on the archives

For the archives and articles stored in the archives, environmental parameters and air pollutants will have a serious impact on the archives storage, even in severe cases Will cause irreversible damage.

The environmental factors of the archives are temperature, humidity and light intensity. The pollutants in the air include hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, chlorine and dust.

①Temperature and humidity: When the temperature in the air is too high, it will accelerate the reaction rate of pollutants and objects, and change the acidity of the substance. The high humidity will cause the material to corrode more quickly.

②Light intensity: Strictly speaking, any light is harmful to the archives. The archives should be stored in a dark cabinet as much as possible. After the archives are fully illuminated, they may cause a photochemical reaction and cause material damage.

③Hydrogen sulfide: When hydrogen sulfide encounters water molecules in the air, it will form sulfurous acid, which will undergo acidolysis after further oxidation, which will cause the paper files to become discolored, faded and even crisp and deteriorated.

④Chlorine: Chlorine is an amphoteric gas, both acidic and oxidizing. It can not only acidify paper, but also discolor and fade it.

⑤Ozone: Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can cause discoloration and fading of paper files and damage to fibers. Ozone will also increase oxidative corrosion in the supermarket environment.

⑥Dust in the environment: Dust is a small solid particle, irregular in shape, often with edges and corners, falling on the paper archives, in addition to contaminating the archives, it will also wear the archives. In addition, dust is also a carrier of various microorganisms, which promotes the spread of mold and causes the archives to become moldy and even rot.

4. Countermeasures for the environmental monitoring system of the archives

, Humidity, fire prevention, water leakage and various air quality factors are uploaded to the archives monitoring and management center in real time. Through the monitoring center, you can view the environment in each warehouse in real time. This is the modern intelligent environmental monitoring system for archives.

Archive Environmental Monitoring System

①Temperature and humidity sensor and leaking rope: Temperature and humidity can monitor indoor temperature and humidity in real time, especially during the rainy season, archive storage should be moisture-proof and waterproof.

②Smoke alarm: fire prevention and high temperature prevention, storage of flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited, smoking is strictly prohibited in the warehouse, and fire smoke detectors and alarm devices are installed.

③Air conditioning controller: Through real-time monitoring, it can comprehensively diagnose the operating conditions of the air conditioner, and monitor the operating status and parameters of various components of the air conditioner (such as compressors, fans, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, filters, etc.) , And can remotely modify the air conditioning setting parameters (temperature, humidity, temperature upper and lower limits, humidity upper and lower limits, etc.) through the archive room environmental monitoring system management function, and restart the precision air conditioner. Even if the air-conditioning unit has a small fault, it can be detected by the environmental monitoring system of the archives room, and timely measures can be taken to prevent the air-conditioning unit from further damage.

④Air quality transmitter: The air quality transmitter can detect PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, TVOC, O2, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), Parameters such as formaldehyde (CH2O) are very powerful and basically cover various indicators that reflect air quality.

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