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How to choose a computer room environmental monitoring system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-25
How to choose a computer room environmental monitoring system?
For companies, the computer room environment monitoring system is to add a layer of security to their own data centers. The computer room environment monitoring system is an indispensable and important auxiliary tool for the data center computer room, and it is also the guardian of the environmental equipment in the computer room. Therefore, if there are fewer problems in the computer room, then the environmental monitoring system is naturally indispensable. 

If changes in the computer room environment cause equipment failure, at least it will cause computer downtime, and at worst, it will lead to serious consequences such as data loss. Therefore, a system that can monitor the computer room in real time for 24 hours is very important. 

The environment of the computer room is very important to the equipment in the computer room. Let's analyze them one by one.

Computer room monitoring is a centralized monitoring and management for the power and environment of the computer room. Its monitoring objects are mainly the power and environmental equipment of the computer room (such as: temperature and humidity, power distribution, fire protection, water leakage, security, UPS, air conditioning, access control, Ray et al.).

1. Temperature and humidity

The computer room is usually used to store professional electronic equipment such as servers, routers, switches, etc., and these equipment have one thing in common, that is, the internal structure is made of metal. Too high humidity in the environment can easily cause metal equipment to rust, while too low humidity will generate static electricity, which will also affect the use and life of the equipment. The computer room usually requires an ambient humidity of 40%-55%. Too high or low temperature and humidity will affect the normal operation of the equipment in the computer room.

86 housing temperature and humidity sensor RS-WS-N01-1-*With LCD display, it can display temperature and humidity values u200bu200bin real time; it adopts the measuring unit imported from Switzerland, the measurement is accurate; on-site self-calibration, long-term stability Good performance, small drift; the shell is 86 type, wall-mounted installation, simple and convenient.

2. Power failure

Once the computer room is powered off, a lot of work cannot be carried out. In order to effectively prevent the computer room from being powered off, a power failure alarm is installed in the computer room to monitor the city power in real time. Once a power failure occurs, the system Send warning information to the administrator at the first time, and start the backup battery equipment in time to ensure the continuity of the operation of the computer room.

The power failure alarm RS-DD-* adopts compatible detection single-phase AC220V, three-phase three-phase system, three-phase four-wire system AC380V, internal algorithm automatically recognizes the external power grid; the equipment adopts card rail type The shell can be wall-mounted or on-site installed on a standard DIN35mm rail.

3. Fire

Once a fire occurs in the computer room, it will be a devastating blow, and the computer room is different from other buildings. There are too many electronic devices inside. In order to ensure that the equipment can continue to work, it cannot be used once it catches fire. The sprinkler system can only use dry powder or inert gas to extinguish the fire, and this special reason requires us to find a fire in the first time to extinguish it in time.

Therefore, the smoke sensor has become one of the indispensable equipment in the computer room. The smoke alarm RS-YG-N01 adopts a microprocessor and can detect in all directions. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, smoke particles Part of the light beam will be scattered to the photosensitive element. When the light beam scattered on the sensor reaches a certain level, the buzzer inside the device will give an audible and visual alarm. Remind the staff for quick processing and timely processing.

4. Flooding

There are many reasons for water leakage in the office. We all know that electronic equipment is very afraid of water. Once water enters the equipment, it will directly cause a short circuit and burn the equipment host. The accident caused huge losses. The water immersion sensor can detect the water leakage in the first time and notify the staff in time to remedy it to prevent the equipment from entering the water.

The water immersion sensor RS-SJ-*-2 uses alternating current to collect the inductance parameters of the stagnant water, and accurately distinguishes whether water immersion occurs, and can even distinguish between pure water and tap water (the default is tap water as the detection object , If you want to detect pure water, please give special instructions); using alternating current detection, the electrode will not produce electrophoretic polarization even if it is immersed for a long time, and it does not rely on special electrodes to achieve long life and reliable detection.

5. Anti-theft

The computer room often carries important data and information of an enterprise. It must not only be 'fireproof and waterproof' but also prevent thieves. In addition to the entrance and exit of the computer room need to be locked, real-time information must also be implemented in the computer room. monitor.

The human body infrared detector RS-HW-N01 has a full 360 detection. When an intruder passes through the detection area, if there is a dynamic movement phenomenon, it will alarm; it adopts dual-element pyro-infrared sensor and advanced The signal analysis and processing technology has super-high detection and anti-false alarm performance; it has automatic temperature compensation function. Let the bad guys have nowhere to hide.

The computer room environment monitoring system can remotely monitor and manage all monitoring equipment. The system supports multiple terminal login methods such as mobile phone APP and computer. The administrator manages the configuration and modification of environmental parameters in the equipment room through the system platform .

The cloud platform receives the real-time monitoring data of each measuring point uploaded by the environmental monitoring host, and displays it in the form of numbers, dashboards and curves on the interface; automatically stores the received historical data and generates historical records reports. Users can curve It can query the temperature and humidity values u200bu200bof any measured point in any time period in the form, and it also supports selective downloading and printing of historical data required.

The computer room environment monitoring system has a powerful alarm function. No matter which measuring point has an abnormal situation, the system will send alarm information to the manager in the form of phone calls, text messages, emails, etc., and the platform displays the color of the data. Turns to red. If an audible and visual alarm is installed in the machine room, the device will emit a strong alarm sound at the same time.

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