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How to choose a negative oxygen ion detector?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-04
How to choose a negative oxygen ion detector?
Negative oxygen ions are known as 'vitamins in the air'. The human body can inhale a certain concentration of air negative oxygen ions to regulate the function of the nervous system and improve blood circulation. It is a positive indicator of air freshness and judgment of local people's living environment. In recent years, governments and the public in various places have paid more and more attention to negative oxygen ions.

According to investigations by relevant departments, only about one percent of cities in my country can meet the air quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Air pollution has become an important issue restricting my country's economic and social development. Negative oxygen ion monitoring can well reflect the quality of air, human settlements and ecological construction, and provide the society with the value of ecological products. Therefore, the monitoring of negative oxygen ions has become an important task.

To monitor negative oxygen ions, a negative oxygen ion detector is generally used, but how to choose a negative oxygen ion detector?

1. Industrial-grade applications

At present, most of the products on the market are handheld products. The measurement drift at low temperature is relatively large, and the measurement accuracy and quality are not ideal. Therefore, it is best to use industrial Grade application products. The LCD screen can withstand high and low temperatures, and the highest temperature can reach 60 degrees above zero. The negative oxygen ion detector can ensure that the device displays normally at -20 degrees below zero, and will not be damaged at -40 degrees below zero and the temperature will return to 20 degrees. The time can still be displayed normally. The electronic components all use low-temperature drift components and high-quality wide-temperature capacitors, and with automatic full-scale temperature compensation, which can completely abandon the influence of temperature.

2. Using standard communication protocol

Must choose the negative oxygen ion detector using standard MoBus protocol. The 485 communication interface is very common in industry. Since the internal measurement signal is weak, it is best to choose a 485 that is completely isolated from the power supply, so that any interference on the communication line will not affect the signal measurement inside, and will not affect the data.

3. Circuit protection

This kind of product is generally chosen for outdoor use. When purchasing, check whether the equipment has the ability to cope with bad weather. Lightning is likely to occur outdoors, so it is best to choose a product with a specially designed and perfect surge protection circuit that can protect against strong lightning strikes on site.

Some users will perform on-site wiring, but the level of workers may be uneven. When choosing a product, you can pay attention to the wrong wiring and it will not burn the equipment.

4. Adaptive range switching

If you see manufacturers advertising that they do not need automatic range switching internally, you can measure from 0 to 5 million. This is theoretically infeasible and will lead to inaccurate accuracy measurements. The negative oxygen ion detector has a range of 0-500 million, and the built-in self-adaptive range switch, which can still ensure the stability and high precision of the data under low range.

5. Double cylindrical shaft type

At present, the negative oxygen ion sensor is mainly divided into parallel pad type and double cylindrical shaft type. Among them, the parallel electric plate type has a lower cost, but it is easily affected by the external environment, which easily leads to the edge effect of electrolysis, causing airflow turbulence, and the measurement result is inaccurate. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the double cylindrical shaft type. This overall structure is relatively stable and can effectively solve the inherent electrolytic edge effect of the parallel electric plate structure. At the same time, the structure of the cylinder itself and the special air intake method can ensure the smoothness of the air flow. , The detection accuracy of the number and size of ions is also higher.

I would like to introduce to you again. In addition to meeting the above points, the negative oxygen ion detector adopts a 2000v isolation design for its 485 circuit, which will not produce any influence during signal measurement. The cylinder is made of corrosion-resistant metal.

After screening more than a dozen materials, a highly conductive alloy material is selected as the middle electrode of the negative oxygen ion detector, which is less affected by temperature and expands and cools. The shrinkage change is also smaller, and the volume will not change. Because the material is highly conductive, the resistivity is very low, which can guarantee our measurement accuracy.

Okay, the above is the main points that the editor introduces when purchasing a negative oxygen ion detector. When purchasing, you must evaluate from multiple aspects. I hope everyone can buy it in line with your wishes. device of.

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