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How to choose a networked dust monitor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-06
How to choose a networked dust monitor?
Fugitive dust, one of the three major air pollution sources, has been included in the scope of mandatory pollutant monitoring in the new 'Ambient Air Quality Standards' and has been fully implemented in 2016.

During the construction period, various construction activities, loading and unloading of construction materials, and transportation will inevitably affect the surrounding environment. In order to protect the urban environment, in recent years, municipal environmental protection departments have issued 'Measures for Prevention and Control of Dust at Construction SitesControl.

The purpose of the newly-added government environmental protection platform is to enable management departments at all levels to understand the environmental conditions of the construction site in a timely and accurate manner, and to effectively strengthen the monitoring and control of pollution sources on the construction site, and provide timely warnings. When the dust exceeds the alarm, it can be linked in time On-site fog cannons achieve the purpose of pollution control on construction sites.

In order to better control the dust, the environmental protection department requires uploading real-time dust data to the government platform for remote monitoring.


Flying dust monitor, SIM card, Flying dust cloud platform, local government platform docking agreement

What is flying dust cloud platform?

The Yangchen Cloud Platform is an environmental monitoring platform deployed in the cloud. It can solve the inconveniences of customers’ self-built servers without public IP, external network attacks, cumbersome routine maintenance, and frequent power outages. The cloud platform can realize real-time data viewing , Historical data viewing, export, multiple methods of alarm and other functions.

The platform can simultaneously monitor the real-time information of 16 environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, light, PM10, PM2.5, wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure. The interface is simple and can monitor data changes in real time. The unique equipment visualization and large-screen visualization design page is convenient for supervisors to monitor. You can view multiple monitoring locations, automatically bounce the alarm box, and quickly find alarms and offline devices. The map displays the location of the device. The coordinate points of the problem device can quickly change color, and the problem device can be quickly found on the map. It has a comprehensive analysis interface to quickly summarize the problems of the monitoring environment.

The platform can be connected to a surveillance camera to view specific changes in the monitored construction site environment in real time. Support historical data, alarm data export, in line with government archiving requirements. With a ranking interface for equipment monitoring environment, you can view the quality of the environment in multiple locations.

So how to connect to the Yangdust Cloud Platform?

Data is uploaded to the cloud platform via GPRS/4G. When installing the device, insert a mobile or China Unicom mobile phone card with data (maximum monthly data consumption 30M) into the device’s mobile phone card slot, and the device will upload automatically The data is sent to the Yangchen Cloud platform, and the data can be viewed on the computer or mobile phone.

Select the dust monitor to send a 300M IoT card by default, which can be used for one year, and can be recharged the following year, or change your own flow card.

How to connect to the government platform?

Each dust monitor has its own SN code in the distribution box (equivalent to an ID card). After the equipment is installed, if you want to connect to the Internet, you only need to provide the communication protocol, IP address, and port of the local government platform. The SN code of this device will match the MN code of the corresponding device (the device code is allocated by the device manufacturer or the government platform for the connection to the network), take this code to the government platform for filing, the other party receives it, and then connects to the network.

Simply speaking, it only takes three steps to connect to the government platform for free:

1. The client provides the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform is required)

2. The technology is provided by our company Confirm whether it can be docked

3. After confirming that it can be docked, the government platform can be docked for free

The difference between networked and non-networked:

It is composed of three layers: data collection layer, network transmission layer, and application layer.

1. Data collection layer: It is mainly composed of various environmental monitoring sensors, dust monitors, display screens, and brackets. It can be flexibly configured according to the actual needs of the site to collect environmental data such as noise, pm2.5, and pm10. The front-end data acquisition equipment has its own environmental data display screen, and the back-end platform has an environmental data display module, and real-time data can be viewed on the mobile phone APP.

RS-ZSYC-10S-G dust monitor is an online monitor based on light scattering counting method and sound sensing technology to measure the concentration of particulate matter in the surrounding environment, mainly facing construction sites. The instrument has complete independent intellectual property rights, performance indicators have reached the international level of excellence, and passed the certification requirements of various related standards, which can further meet the market demand for continuous automatic monitoring of high-quality, high-precision, high-stability, and high-reliability ambient air . It can conduct 24-hour online data collection and upload communication for 11 meteorological parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure.

The basic structure is a multi-point monitoring and early warning, a centralized and integrated monitoring method. One or more points can be set for site measurement points according to requirements. Monitoring points can be set on the site or at a location far away from the site, connected by wireless network communication means for remote monitoring and data storage.

2. Network transmission layer: upload data to Yangchenyun platform via GPRS. It has the characteristics of wide-area coverage, 24-hour real-time online, pay-as-you-go, and high-speed transmission.

3. Application layer: Mainly refers to the collection, storage and statistical analysis of environmental monitoring data such as dust, noise, and meteorological parameters at construction site monitoring points, and realizes basic environmental monitoring business applications. At the same time, it can be a third-party monitoring platform Provide data services.

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