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How to choose a portable weather station?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-14
How to choose a portable weather station?
In ancient times, weather was an important factor in determining victory or defeat in wars. With the advancement of science and technology, our lives and weather have become inseparable, and our lives are affected by weather everywhere.

Anyone who knows weather stations knows that there are many types of weather stations. Outdoor weather stations, campus weather stations, agricultural weather stations, scenic weather stations, portable weather stations, etc. Today we mainly introduce portable weather stations.

The portable weather station is a portable observation system that is easy to carry, is installed on a tripod, is easy to use, has high measurement accuracy, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. The system can collect multiple information such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, air pressure, illuminance, etc. and upload it to local monitoring software or cloud platform. The weather station has four data upload methods: GPRS/4G, RS485, and external network, with software It can also realize remote data transmission and real-time weather monitoring. It is a small automatic weather station with outstanding cost performance.

What is the difference between a portable weather station and an ordinary weather station?

Advantages of the portable weather station: As the name suggests, the portable weather station can be installed in a portable manner, with a shrink height of 1 meter, a minimum installation height of 1.1 meters, and a maximum installation height of 2.1 meters, which is convenient for installation and carrying. The measurement accuracy is high, the stability is reliable, the iron rod is adopted, and the distribution box adopts a spray-shaped white box, which is resistant to sunlight and corrosion. Compared with the traditional meteorological observation technology, the portable weather station is more flexible and has a wider range of use.

There are two types of portable weather stations. One is the C-type integrated weather station, which is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials, has a long service life, and uses a high-sensitivity probe with stable signals and high accuracy. Optional elements are: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions;

The other is an ultrasonic integrated weather station that can monitor wind speed and direction at most , Air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions and other eleven elements. The monitoring elements can be selected according to the needs.

How to choose a portable weather station?

Own needs: Many people may know that portable weather stations can monitor: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and other meteorological elements, and the monitoring of these meteorological elements depends on sensors to achieve monitoring, so When choosing the elements, you need to choose the meteorological elements that suit you according to your actual situation.

Environmental factors: The portable weather station itself relies on sensors to monitor meteorological elements, and some severe weather has higher requirements for sensors. Therefore, to make the sensors have good stability, the sensors must have strong environmental adaptability. Before selecting a sensor, investigate its use environment, and select the appropriate sensor according to the specific use environment, or take appropriate measures to reduce the impact of the environment. And do regular inspection and maintenance.

Linear range: The linear range of the sensor refers to the range where the output is proportional to the input. Theoretically, within this range, the sensitivity remains constant. The wider the linear range of the sensor, the larger the measuring range, and a certain measurement accuracy can be guaranteed. When selecting a sensor, when the type of sensor is determined, it is first necessary to see whether its range can meet the requirements. But in fact, no sensor can guarantee absolute linearity, and its linearity is also relative. When the required measurement accuracy is relatively low, within a certain range, the sensor with less nonlinear error can be approximately regarded as linear, which will bring great convenience to the measurement.

The portable weather station has highly integrated parameters, adopts high-precision chips, precise measurement, rain-proof and moisture-proof with a free cloud platform, which can carry out 24-hour uninterrupted weather monitoring in unattended and harsh environments. Provide weather and weather forecast warning information for daily life and agricultural activities, and timely implement weather defense measures.

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