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How to choose a soil pH sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-20
How to choose a soil pH sensor?
Soil pH represents soil pH, which is the general term for soil acidity and alkalinity, and is usually used to measure the strength of soil acid-base reaction. With the global climate abnormality and the destruction of ecological balance, the impact of soil acidification and alkalization on plant growth has become increasingly serious. The level of soil pH not only affects the ionic form and availability of the large and trace elements in the soil, but also has a significant impact on the life activities of microorganisms in the soil.

The most important step when planting crops is the pH of the soil. If the pH is too low or too high, it will affect nutrient absorption. In actual use, a soil pH sensor is generally used to measure the pH value of the soil. It is composed of metal The sensor and the function value switching device are combined. As the core hardware system, the metal sensor is in direct contact with the soil during detection, and uses the oxidation reaction in the chemical reaction to generate current. The magnitude of the current value will drive the data of different ph value units corresponding to the ammeter, which is converted by the host to show people the value.

Only when the soil pH is about 6.5, the absorption and utilization of nutrient elements is the highest, which is also the most beneficial to the growth and development of crops. Therefore, the role of soil pH sensor is indispensable, so how should we choose this kind of equipment?

First, pay attention to the measurement accuracy of the soil pH sensor

There will always be measurement errors in the measurement process. In order to make the measurement results accurate and reliable, the errors should be minimized and the measurement accuracy should be selected. product.

Second, pay attention to the sensitivity of soil pH sensor

Sensitivity is a degree of change in response amount, naturally the higher the better. Sensitivity is related to the sensor. It is best to use imported low-power MCUs and high-quality operational amplifiers to ensure that the sensor has low power consumption, high sensitivity, and stable signal transmission.

Fifth, pay attention to the probe of the soil pH sensor

The probe needs to be inserted into the soil to make direct contact with the soil, and it is best to use high-quality ones. For example, austenitic 316 stainless steel is used as the raw material, which can prevent rust, electrolysis, and corrosion of salt and alkali, and it is also suitable for various soils.

Sixth, it is convenient to use.

When choosing this type of product, it is best to choose a product with a low threshold and simple steps, which can be used for rapid measurement, and does not require the use of reagents, and does not limit the number of detections. .

In order to buy the desired product, when we usually choose the soil pH sensor, we can take a comprehensive look at the above aspects. For the soil pH sensor, here are two measurement methods:

Quick measurement method

Select a suitable measurement location, avoid rocks, and ensure that the steel needle does not touch hard objects. To measure the depth, leave the surface soil aside, keep the original tightness of the soil below, hold the sensor vertically and insert it into the soil, do not shake left and right when inserting, it is recommended to measure multiple times within a small range of a measuring point to obtain the average value.

Buried measurement method

Vertically dig a pit with a diameter of >20cm, insert the sensor needle horizontally into the pit wall at a predetermined depth, fill the pit tightly, and stabilize it for a period of time. Measure and record continuously for several days, months or even longer.

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