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How to choose NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor and GPRS temperature and humidity sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-11
How to choose NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor and GPRS temperature and humidity sensor?
Compared with traditional wired networks, wireless sensor network technology has obvious advantages such as low energy consumption, low cost, versatility, network topology, security, real-time, data-centricity, etc. The current common wireless transmission network has RFID , ZigBee, infrared, Bluetooth, GPRS, 4G, 2G, Wi-Fi and NB-IoT. Among the temperature and humidity sensors, NB-IoT and GPRS are widely used. So how should NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor and GPRS temperature and humidity sensor be selected? Let's analyze it from the following 5 angles.

1. Network coverage

If we only talk about coverage, China Mobile’s 2G coverage is well known, and it covers almost every corner of our country. Although it is often asked when to retire 2G, China Mobile has achieved 2G nationwide coverage in 20 years, and 4G has only started to build its network in 2014. Although the speed is very fast, if it wants to reach 2G coverage, It will take about seven or eight years.

In terms of economic benefits, the revenue from NB's coverage is far less affordable than the traffic revenue from complete 4G coverage. Due to the continued low price of income, operators have insufficient motivation to do NB. But on the other hand, as the cost of NB modules decreases and NB equipment increases, the speed of NB base station coverage will increase steadily. Therefore, the construction of NB networks is a gradual trend.

Second, power consumption

The low power consumption of NB is divided into two aspects, the first is the PSM mode of NB, and the second is the power consumption of NB's normal transmission. The general power consumption of PSM mode is about 3 microamperes, which is quite low for communication chips. But this PSM mode cannot receive paging, it can only be awakened by a specific pin or timing. Therefore, the practicality of PSM mode is not great.

The power consumption of normal transmission is about half of GPRS under the same conditions, but because the NB upload bandwidth is only 15kb, the communication time will be extended. Therefore, in normal use, the power consumption of NB will be lower than that of GPRS, but there will not be an order of magnitude difference in power consumption. Since NB's modulation and demodulation still has a better signal-to-noise ratio advantage than GPRS, the power consumption of NB is advantageous for the amount of communication information under the same conditions. In the scenario of low-frequency communication, NB is preferred.

3. Network capacity

Many people say that NB has a large network capacity. A cell can accommodate tens of thousands of devices, while a GPRS cell can only accommodate a few hundred devices. That's right or wrong. The current NB cell configurations are all basic configurations with a total bandwidth of 180khz. Each device's uplink needs to occupy a bandwidth of 15khz, so from the perspective of frequency division, a cell can only allow 12 devices to transmit signals at the same time. If you want to expand the capacity, you can only find a way from time to time. In layman's terms, everyone should not launch together, but take turns. If it is only launched once a day, it can of course accommodate tens of thousands of devices, but the premise is to do well in time division multiplexing. Therefore, the large network capacity of NB is true, but the business model based on low-frequency communication is established.

4. Advantages in the field

NB is suitable for low-frequency services. It is best to communicate once a day, and it is best to sleep or shut down the rest of the time, so as to achieve low power consumption and even expand network capacity. .

From this perspective, NB is suitable for three meters (gas meter, water meter, heat meter), trash can monitoring, manhole cover monitoring, smoke monitoring, street lamp monitoring, etc. The power supply is inconvenient, and it does not require high frequency The occasion of the second communication. As for products such as GPS positioning and tracking, we still prefer the GPRS network.

V. Price

At present, the price of NB module is more expensive, and the tariff is also a little expensive. It is so expensive that the module has not been subsidized. This is abnormal and temporary market conditions. As the market expands, the price of NB modules will drop rapidly. At the same time, whether it is China Telecom, China Mobile, or China Unicom, they will gradually expand their NB network coverage, and gradually achieve national coverage without dead ends, but the concurrent capacity will not be very large, because it is too expensive to increase the concurrent capacity. However, the high capacity of the network can only be maintained through low-frequency communication.

To sum up: The current choice, if our equipment is ultra-low frequency communication, we can consider NB-IoT;

In other cases, it is recommended to give priority to GPRS or 4G.

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