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How to choose the wind speed sensor correctly

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-14
How to choose the wind speed sensor correctly
Wind affects our lives all the time. In modern society, with the development of science and technology, wind speed and direction sensors used to measure the direction and magnitude of wind have been widely used in meteorological monitoring.

The wind speed sensor is a sensor that can continuously measure wind speed and air volume (air volume u003d wind speed x cross-sectional area). The more common wind speed sensor is the wind cup type wind speed sensor, which was first invented by the British Rubinson. The sensing part is composed of three or four cone-shaped or hemispherical empty cups. The hollow cup shell is fixed on a three-pronged star-shaped bracket or a cross-shaped bracket that is mutually formed at 120°. The concave surfaces of the cups are arranged in one direction, and the entire cross-arm frame is fixed on a vertical rotation axis.

At present, there are many wind cup-type wind speed sensors on the market. Regarding how to distinguish the quality problems of wind speed sensors, the editor has made the following summary:

1. About the material

There are two kinds of product materials on the market, one is ordinary ABS plastic material, and the other is polycarbonate material. When choosing a wind speed sensor, the editor recommends that you choose polycarbonate products. The main reasons are as follows:

Temperature resistance: polycarbonate material has excellent high and low temperature resistance, no deformation of the material, and stable strength. . The ordinary ABS plastic has poor high temperature resistance, easy to deform at high temperature, and easy to become brittle at low temperature.

Weathering resistance: Polycarbonate material is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance, which is resistant to weathering for a long time. Ordinary ABS plastics are easy to change color after long-term use, and are prone to degradation under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Weather resistance: Polycarbonate material has outstanding impact resistance and good dimensional stability. Ordinary ABS plastic has poor weather resistance. After half a year outdoors, the impact strength will drop by 50%.

Second, on the details

From the details to look at the product quality. After comparison, the editor found that some products have bearing visors, and many products do not. Regardless of the small bearing visors, it is still very useful. The wind speed sensor generally works outdoors. The outdoor environment is bad, and rain and snow may be encountered at any time. The bearing brim can be rain and waterproof, the protection level is improved, and the working performance is more stable. The product without the bearing brim is easy in rain and snow. Water seepage, causing damage to the circuit board.

The three-cup wind speed sensor has a small and light appearance, which is easy to carry and assemble. The three-cup design concept can effectively obtain wind speed information. The shell is made of polycarbonate composite material, and a variety of output modes can be selected at will.

The three-cup wind speed sensor adopts cutting-edge product design and has two outlet methods, bottom outlet and side outlet. The bottom outlet has higher rain and snow resistance.

The equipment adopts a polycarbonate environmental protection shell, which completely overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plastics that are easy to age.

The cable connection adopts a waterproof paired wire design, which is convenient for connection and avoids misconnection of cables.

Product parameters:

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