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How to connect the dust detector to the Environmental Protection Bureau

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-20
How to connect the dust detector to the Environmental Protection Bureau
Recently, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Jinan City issued the 'Opinions on Further Strict Measures for the Prevention and Control of Dust Pollution in Construction Projects' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Opinions'), which proposed targeted dust control measures for various linear projects and required construction If the site is exposed for more than 3 months, it should be temporarily greened or sprayed with ecological environmental protection dust suppressant.

The 'Opinions' pointed out that construction in progress should strictly follow the requirements of dust control laws, regulations, standards and related documents, implement refined and standardized management, and strictly implement basic requirements such as '6 100%'. Among them, the construction site must be equipped with a 2.5-meter-high enclosed hard fence; the on-site office area, living area, operation area, entrance and exit, and main road must be hardened; if the land is exposed for more than 3 months, priority should be given to temporary greening. Spraying ecological and environmental protection dust suppressants that are not suitable for greening; construction sites with a contract period of 3 months or more should install dust online monitoring equipment, and real-time networking with the environmental protection bureau supervision platform, etc. In fact, it is not just Jinan. With the start of the 'Blue Sky Defense War' in 2017, various environmental protection bureaus have put forward similar requirements on project construction sites, and many manufacturers of online dust monitoring equipment have appeared on the market.

So how does the dust detector connect to the Environmental Protection Agency?

Due to different local policies, most prefectural and municipal environmental protection departments can connect to government platforms through GPRS/4G, but a few prefectural and municipal environmental protection platforms require network ports to connect. In addition to supporting GPRS/4G data connection, the noise and dust monitoring system also supports connection through TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

It is worth noting that there is no charge for connecting the dust detector to the Environmental Protection Agency. First of all, the government does not charge engineering fees. Secondly, the dust monitor can be connected to the platform of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a function of the dust detector equipment. Therefore, the manufacturer of the dust detector equipment should not charge a fee. However, the editor found that many products on the market cannot be connected to the government. Manufacturers and routine customers who can connect with the government will charge annual fees from customers! The equipment is cost-effective and disrupts the market. The dust detector provides a free docking service with the government platform. As long as the customer provides the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform will provide it), our technicians will confirm whether the docking is possible, and after the docking is confirmed, the government platform can be docked for free.

In addition to the free docking with the Environmental Protection Agency, the dust detector also has the following free configuration items.

1. Provide a free dust cloud platform

In order to more effectively monitor, manage and analyze the dust data, the dust monitoring system provides a powerful free dust cloud platform, which can provide real-time data viewing, data overrun alarm, and curve display Data and other functions. By default, a 300M IoT card is provided, which can be used for one year, and can be recharged the following year, or change your own data card. When installing the device, insert this IoT card (with a maximum consumption of 30M per month) into the device's mobile phone card slot, and the device will automatically upload data to the Yangdust Cloud platform, which can be viewed on the computer or mobile phone.

2. Remote APP to set equipment parameters for free

According to the different construction site environment, the on-site alarm parameters also need to be modified. Some products are equipped with a touch screen in the box. Every time you adjust the parameters, Need to open the box for adjustment, which is very inconvenient and will be charged extra. The dust monitoring system is equipped with remote mobile phone APP software, which can adjust and set parameters anytime and anywhere without any charge.

The dust configuration APP can remotely compile the LED screen header, check the environmental elements that need to be displayed, set the LED screen cutting time, etc. Compared with the dust detector set by other manufacturers, the GPRS/4G noise and dust monitoring It is more flexible and smarter to stand up and use.

3. Free on-site linkage with spray equipment such as fog cannons

The use of fog cannons can reduce air pollutant particles very well, and the PM2.5 in the air is significantly reduced, and the air quality is A great improvement has been made. In the construction environment, once the dust data exceeds the standard, the dust detector needs to be linked with the fog cannon to remove dust and reduce dust. When I investigated, I found that the dust detectors of many manufacturers on the market need to purchase additional modules to realize the linkage of fog cannons. The dust monitoring system reserves a linkage interface, which can linkage fog cannons for free.

The editor hereby reminds you: Look for regular manufacturers, stay away from routines, save worry, money and effort!

However, with the increased prevalence of sensor solution, it has become far more affordable.
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