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How to distinguish between a smoke alarm and a camera

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-09
How to distinguish between smoke alarm and camera
When staying in a hotel, we often find such a thing on the roof, with red dots flashing and flashing. Many people who don’t know about fire protection, the first reaction is whether this is a camera? Technology makes life more intelligent. In order to better prevent fires, buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and public places will have smoke alarms.

So how to distinguish between a smoke alarm and a camera?

1. Normal smoke alarm, the alarm indicator works normally, flashing once about 5 seconds, and the filter is intact.

2. The camera does not have this indicator for concealment. Smoke alarms are generally fully enclosed, with only the bottom sensor window.

3. Smoke alarms generally have 4 wires, and all 4 wires are the same, but the camera connection has only two wires, a power plug and a video output plug.

4. Most smoke alarms are installed in the center to facilitate fire detection. If they are too close to the wall, they are most likely to be pinhole cameras disguised as smoke alarms.

5. For smoke alarms that have not been modified, the flashing light is vertical at the bottom of the smoke alarm, and the flashing frequency is regular. If a suspicious light appears on the side of the smoke alarm, then the smoke alarm may be fake.

RS-YG-N01 photoelectric smoke fire detection alarm can detect the smoke produced during a fire. The alarm adopts photoelectric smoke components and excellent production technology, stable work, beautiful appearance, simple installation, no debugging, and can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, shops, warehouses, computer rooms, residences and other places for fire safety detection. The alarm has a built-in buzzer, which can emit a strong sound after alarming.

1. Normal flashing red light

Now the smoke alarm flashes red normally, it flashes red light once every few seconds, in fact, this is the smoke alarm in its own inspection. Detect whether there is a problem with the smoke alarm, and indicate that the smoke alarm is working normally.

2. Always flashing or flashing frequently

If the smoke alarm detects that the gas concentration reaches a certain standard, the smoke alarm will start to work. At this time, the smoke alarm may always be red. , And even an audible alarm will sound until the smoke concentration drops to a safe gas concentration value.

[Attention] Do not plug the sensor port of the smoke alarm with tape/plastic bag! Even check whether there is electricity or whether it is faulty at least once every six months, don't be afraid of trouble, life is no small matter! If you are worried about the presence of a camera in the smoke alarm, the editor summarizes several methods here, hoping to help you.

How to detect hidden cameras?

[Flashlight troubleshooting method]

For ordinary cameras, use a flashlight to check all the exposed places with holes in the room, such as vents, radiators, televisions, power outlets, etc., if relevant equipment is installed Reflective objects can be found through the flashlight

[mobile phone scanning method]

1. Turn off the lights in the room and draw the curtains to keep the room in a dark state;

2. Turn on the phone camera function, Carefully scan the place where the camera may be installed in the room.

3. If there is a light spot on the screen, it may be the location of the pinhole camera.

[Note] This method is only suitable for detecting cameras equipped with infrared fill light

[Red flashlight exclusion method]

Because the camera has a curved surface, the red flashlight can shine through it. There is a very obvious red reflection.

Focus on checking these 3 heights:

The position above the head

After entering the hotel, turn off the lights, draw the curtains, and illuminate the top of the bed with a red flashlight, and check the smoke alarm on the roof The location of the air-conditioning hole, etc.

The height of your head:

Standing by the bed, illuminate the height of your head with a flashlight and check whether there is a camera hidden in this area.

Knee height:

According to the height of the knee, do another round of inspection to find suspicious objects.

[Note] Alarm clocks, stereos, power strips, televisions, air purifiers, etc. may hide cameras. Therefore, the implantation equipment needs to be carefully checked.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when staying in small hotels, homestays, and non-chain express hotels, you need to be alert to the phenomenon of sneak photography, because even the toilet brush, hanger hook, and perpetual calendar can be turned into sneak photography tools. At the same time, in addition to pinhole-intensive areas such as sockets and smoke alarms, the location of the bed and the equipment in the bathroom, such as TVs, routers, etc., need to be carefully checked.

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