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How to distinguish the performance of temperature and humidity sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-25
Several methods for preliminary judgment of the performance of the temperature and humidity sensor. In the case that the actual calibration of the humidity sensor is difficult, some simple methods can be used to judge and check the performance of the humidity sensor.

Before understanding the performance of temperature and humidity sensor, let’s learn the basic knowledge together:

The concept of temperature and humidity:

Temperature is the physical quantity of hot and cold objects. In production and scientific research, many physical phenomena and chemical processes are carried out at a certain temperature. Humidity represents the physical quantity of the dryness of the atmosphere. The less water vapor contained in a certain volume of air at a certain temperature, the drier the air; the more water vapor, the more humid the air. The degree of air humidity is called 'humidity'. The methods for expressing humidity include relative humidity, humidity, dew point, the ratio of moisture to dry gas (weight or volume), and so on. The physical quantity commonly used in daily life to express humidity is the relative humidity of the air. Expressed by %RH. Relative humidity is closely related to temperature in the derivation of physical quantities. For a certain volume of airtight gas, the higher the temperature, the lower the relative humidity, and the lower the temperature, the higher the relative humidity. Which involves complex thermal engineering knowledge. It can be said that temperature and humidity are inseparable from our lives.

With the rapid economic development, the demand for temperature and humidity sensors in aerospace, agriculture, computer rooms, textiles, HVAC, scientific research, power and other fields is increasing, and the quality requirements for temperature and humidity sensors are getting higher and higher. The control of environmental temperature and humidity and the monitoring and analysis of the moisture value of industrial materials have become one of the more common technical conditions. So how to judge the performance of temperature and humidity sensor, how to choose high-quality temperature and humidity sensor?

The following is a brief introduction for you, the content is only for mutual exchange and reference.

1. Switch comparison. Test the temperature and humidity sensors in the open and closed cases, observe their thermal effects, and see if they are the same.

2. Similar comparisons. It is better to buy two or more of the same type at a time. The temperature and humidity sensors of the same manufacturer should be put together to detect the output value of electricity. Under relatively stable conditions, observe and test their consistency. If you want to get a more accurate answer, you can perform further testing and record the test results at intervals within 24 hours, usually high, medium, and low.

3. Temperature and humidity conditions, you can observe the consistency and stability of the product, including temperature compensation characteristics.

4. 'Stupid Method'. Use your mouth to breathe or use other humidification means to humidify the temperature and humidity sensor, and observe its sensitivity, repeatability, humidity and dehumidification performance, as well as resolution, product range, etc.

5. High and low comparison. Test the product in the high temperature state and low temperature state (according to the standard in the manual), and compare the test and the record before the experiment when returning to the normal state, examine the temperature adaptability of the product, and observe the consistency of the product. The performance of the product must be based on the formal and complete testing methods of the quality inspection department. Use saturated salt solution for calibration, or use product nameplate for comparison test.

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