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How To Install a Weather Station

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-16
Correct installation of your wireless weather station is critical for accurate information and measurement collection. When installing your weather device it is recommended that you first perform a site survey to determine the transmission distance, this distance will vary depending on the particular weather station units so it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer directly to obtain this information. Wireless weather stations are so popular as they are extremely easy to assemble and install than the older cabled weather devices. Wireless weather stations work on a line of site basis, information transmission can be impaired when placed down a hill or behind other physical barriers and should never be installed in a structure with aluminum siding or room as this will act a shield and incorrect data will be obtained. Your home weather device can be installed either on the ground or on your rooftop. When installing your weather device on the roof please keep in mind that it may become a target for potential lightning strikes and could make a standing post for birds. The wind sensor (anemometer) should be placed where the wind flow will not be manipulated, blocked or create turbulences. An ideal place for the wind sensor is on a pole. If installing your wind sensor on a pole please ensure that the pole will not vibrate or move around as this will interfere with accurate data collection. To ensure the accuracy and long life of your central display and storage unit (Backlit LCD monitor) you must ensure that it is kept in a dry and safe place keeping in mind that you will need to connect this to your computer for data transfer. Careful consideration when conducting your installation will ensure that your weather device provides the most accurate information possible.
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