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How to monitor rainfall with tipping bucket rain gauge

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-24
How to monitor rainfall with tipping bucket rain gauge
The qualitative records of rainfall in China can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty’s oracle bone inscriptions. In the Qin Dynasty, there was a system of reporting rain to the central government. . Nowadays, the development of science and technology has made it easier to monitor rainfall. You only need to choose the installation location, sensors and equipment.

Since ancient times, rainfall has had an important impact on people's production and life. Rainfall will change differently within a period of time. Rainfall levels will increase or decrease, which directly affects whether the water level of rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs and rivers will rise or not, and endangers the growth, maturity, yield and health of crops, etc., indirectly The occurrence of secondary disasters such as urban waterlogging, mountain landslides, mudslides, mountain torrents, etc. is related to people's food, clothing, housing, and transportation. For this reason, timely monitoring of rainfall changes can provide accurate, true and timely reference for flood prevention and disaster prevention. Timely monitoring of rainfall changes has an extremely obvious effect on people's production and life. Therefore, rainfall monitoring equipment becomes extremely important.

The equipment used to monitor rainfall in my country mainly includes rain gauges, weather radars, and satellite remote sensing.

(1) Rain gauge. At ground observation stations such as rainfall stations, meteorological stations, or hydrological stations, the instruments used to measure rainfall are called rain gauges. There are two types of rain gauges: self-recording and non-self-recording. The self-recording rain gauge can automatically record the accumulated rainfall, and its time resolution can be as small as one minute or less. It is often equipped with telemetry equipment to transmit records in real time and use it for water management. There are three main types of self-recording rain gauges: tipping bucket, weighing, and siphon.

(2) Weather radar, radar precipitation telemetry technology has been widely used in the world. In recent years, the development of Doppler radar technology has greatly improved the accuracy of precipitation measurement. Probably the current radar telemetry technology can reach 5 minutes. Resolution and 1km2 to 10000km2 spatial resolution.

(3) Satellite remote sensing does not directly measure precipitation, but rainfall rate can be indirectly inferred by measuring cloud top brightness and cloud top temperature.

As an important equipment in rainfall monitoring, the tipping bucket rain gauge is responsible for monitoring and recording rainfall parameters, and at the same time converting rainfall into digital information output in the form of switching values u200bu200bto meet information transmission, processing, recording and display lights Needs. It is widely used in meteorological stations (stations), hydrological stations, agriculture, field monitoring, etc.

So how does the tipping bucket rain gauge monitor rainfall?

RS-YL-N01-1 tipping bucket rain gauge is a comprehensive observation instrument used to measure and record various rainfall information. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, all-outdoor design, accurate measurement, long transmission distance, small size, high precision, fully automatic unattended operation, stable operation, etc. It can be used for flood control, water supply dispatching, power station and reservoir water regime management, etc. Hydrological automatic measuring and reporting system,

RS-YL-N01-1 tipping bucket rain gauge is a remote rain measurement instrument composed of sensors and signal recorders. Reed switch, etc.; recorder is composed of counter, recorder, self-recording clock, control circuit board, etc. Its working principle is: rainwater enters the water receiver from the uppermost water-receiving port, falls into the water-receiving funnel, and flows into the tipping bucket through the funnel mouth. When the water accumulation reaches a certain height (for example, 0.1 mm), the tipping bucket loses balance and overturns. And every time the bucket dumps, the switch turns on the circuit and sends a pulse signal to the recorder. The recorder controls the self-recording pen to record the rainfall, so that the rainfall process can be measured back and forth.

RS-YL tipping bucket rain gauge can guide customers in terms of data acquisition and control system that can measure all required parameters. The inner diameter of the rain-bearing mouth is 200mm, and the edge of the rain-bearing mouth is blade-shaped. The angle of the rain-bearing mouth should be in the range of 40°~45°, which conforms to the requirements of 'Tipping Bucket Rain Sensor' GB/T21978.2-2014 National standard requirements, effectively ensure the accuracy of rainfall monitoring, support two kinds of signal output of 485 signal and pulse type, and have two types of products with a resolution of 0.2 and 0.5.

The core component of the RS-YL-N01-1 tipping bucket rain gauge, tipping bucket sleeve adopts an integrated rotary positioning structure design, there is no need to adjust the distance between the two sleeves during installation; the tipping bucket adopts The three-dimensional streamlined design, with a drooping arc surface guide tip, makes the tipping bucket more smooth; the tipping bucket component support system is well-manufactured, and the friction torque is small, so the tipping bucket components are sensitive to flip, stable performance, and reliable; to prevent leaves and other impurities The tipping bucket rain gauge is designed with a mesh at the funnel to make the error caused by stagnant water small; the water diversion funnel, the tipping bucket and the drainage funnel used in the water channel components are all made of imported high-quality transparent materials to make the instrument Observe the dynamic working process more clearly.

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