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How to monitor the concentration of dust particles in various pipelines

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-13
How to monitor the concentration of dust particles in various pipelines
With the rapid development of industry, harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and particulates produced during the combustion of industrial fuels such as coal and petroleum have become important sources of air pollution. Among the more than 100 kinds of pollutants currently known, the most widespread and common one is air particulate pollution. Among them, particulate matter with a particle size of less than 10 microns (such as PM2.5 and PM10) is called inhalable particulate matter.

Industrial flue is the main emission source of suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere. These particulate matter will gradually increase the degree of air pollution and cause direct harm to human health. With the increase in environmental governance in my country, the particulate matter in the fixed pollution source The various national standards determined have been promulgated one after another, which plays an important role in curbing pollution sources and protecting the atmospheric environment.

Shandong PeopleSoft's ducted air quality (PM2.5/PM10) transmitter is designed based on the principle of laser scattering measurement. It detects scattered light intensity, frequency shift and its angular dependence, plus our unique data dual frequency The collection technology is screened to obtain the number of particles of equivalent particle size per unit volume, and the mass concentration of particles of equivalent particle size per unit volume is calculated with a scientific and unique algorithm. It is an industrial-grade general-purpose particle concentration measurement instrument.

Features of the ducted air quality transmitter:

Simultaneous collection of particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, the measurement range is 0~1000ug/m3, and the resolution is 1ug/m3.

Using unique dual-frequency data acquisition and automatic calibration technology, the output consistency of PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations can reach ±10%.

The circuit adopts anti-interference design, which can withstand various strong electromagnetic interferences such as on-site inverters.

Adopt advanced laser anti-attenuation technology to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment.

The installation method of the ducted air quality transmitter:

First, punch a 29mm hole in the pipe, then fix the flange on the exhaust pipe with screws, and then insert the device into the flange In the disk, the foundation needs to be adjusted in height, and the installation is completed.

The ducted air quality transmitter sends the data to the monitoring host through line 485, and the host uploads the data to the remote software cloud platform through GPRS or 4G communication after finishing, forming an industrial flue On-line monitoring system for solid particles.

This system can be used to monitor the concentration of particulate matter in dust removal pipes, gas pipes, chimney flues and other pipes. It has a series of advantages such as 24-hour online, automatic continuous monitoring, stable working performance, and high monitoring accuracy. It can be used for monitoring and control. The emission of particulate matter from pipelines plays an important role in environmental protection.

In addition, the industrial pipeline solid particulate matter online monitoring system can also be combined with a pipeline wind speed transmitter, a pipeline temperature and humidity transmitter, and a pipeline gas transmitter to form an industrial pipeline environment online monitoring system. Real-time monitoring of PM10 concentration, the content of various harmful gases, pipeline wind speed, temperature and humidity, etc., to achieve data collection, data analysis, over-limit warning and other functions.

In recent years, China’s efforts to control air pollution have continued to increase. Particulate matter is one of the important sources of atmospheric pollution. Film weighing method, light scattering method, piezoelectric crystal method, charge method, β-ray absorption method and micro-oscillating balance method have been widely used in pipeline particle monitors for steelmaking, power generation, petroleum, Pipeline particulate matter monitoring (PM2.5 and PM10) in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials processing, coal mining, cement, packaging, environmental protection, and dust removal.

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