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How to monitor the negative oxygen ion detector?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-04
How to monitor the negative oxygen ion detector?
With the continuous progress of science and technology, environmental pollution has become more and more serious. Under the grand blueprint of 'strive to build a beautiful China and achieve the sustainable development of the Chinese nation' described by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, people have proposed the quality of a livable environment. With higher requirements, whether you can breathe fresh air every day has become one of the ecological and environmental issues that people are particularly concerned about. Therefore, it is urgent to include negative air oxygen ions in the scope of daily ecological environmental monitoring.

Negative oxygen ions are known as 'air vitamins' and are a positive indicator for judging air quality. For a long time, atmospheric monitoring has focused on negative indicators such as PM10, PM2.5, SO2, and O3 that are harmful to the environment or harmful to the human body, but the positive indicators reflecting the effectiveness of ecological construction have not been included in the monitoring scope.

The important role of negative oxygen ions on human health, and its close negative correlation with air pollution, the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air has become an important evaluation index of air cleanliness. The 'Abe Air Quality Evaluation Index

The concentration of negative oxygen ions is mostly explained by forests, water bodies, and indoor environments. However, there are few studies on the relationship between urban green spaces and air negative ions. For the study of negative oxygen ions in the air in the urban environment, there have been studies on negative oxygen ions in urban blocks and different functional areas of the city. There are related reports on the concentration of negative air oxygen ions in parks and green spaces, but there are few researches on the air negative ions in urban green spaces, especially in garden areas, and their influencing factors, as well as their temporal and spatial changes.

Among them, many scenic spots use negative oxygen ion detectors. Many scenic spots have installed scenic weather monitoring systems. Among them, negative oxygen ion detection is an indispensable detection item in scenic spots. It is possible to install negative oxygen ion detectors in scenic spots. Real-time understanding of the degree of change in the air quality of the scenic spot, and the negative oxygen ion content monitored at the same time can be a highlight of the scenic spot’s external publicity!

Meteorological departments will also use negative oxygen ion detectors. The meteorological department is responsible for forecasting changes in the weather. Therefore, the climate data that needs to be monitored is very comprehensive, including wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, radiation, atmospheric pressure and other climate data information. Among them, the negative oxygen ion detection is a more important detection item.

The negative oxygen ion detector adopts the dual cylindrical axis monitoring principle to detect negative ions and measure the concentration of negative ions in the air. The double-cylinder shaft type overall structure is composed of 3 concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder and the inner shaft are electrodes and a constant voltage is applied. There is an air suction fan behind the cylinder. When the fan is started, the air is sucked in through the cylinder. When the positive and negative ions in the air flow through the cylinder, they will be attracted to the cylinders of different polarities due to the torsion force formed by the cylinder voltage and discharge. These discharge signals It is recorded and can accurately calculate negative oxygen ions with a range of 0 to 5 million/cm3.

The detector can collect specific negative oxygen ions in the air and calculate its concentration. It can monitor the changes of atmospheric negative ions in long-term, automatic, continuous and all-weather, adapting to the business needs of environmental meteorological observation and meeting the observation Data accuracy and high stability are required.

Features of the negative oxygen ion detector:

1. The detector adopts a button design, and the parameters are modified and set through the buttons.

2. The surface of the device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which can display the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air in real time.

3. Unique circuit protection, even if the wrong line is connected for a long time, it will not damage the equipment. It has an adaptive range switching function.

4. The circuit adopts a 2000v isolation design, the cylinder is made of corrosion-resistant metal, and it has an adaptive range switching function to ensure the accuracy of monitoring.

5. The electronic components use low-temperature drift components and high-quality wide-temperature capacitors, with automatic full-scale temperature compensation, which can completely abandon the influence of temperature.

The negative oxygen ion detector can be all-weather, fully automatic, unattended, and intuitively monitor the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the area, and use the monitoring data to carry out ecological environmental assessment, providing for improving the quality of the ecological environment of human settlements Data support service.

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