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How to read the temperature and humidity recorder?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-05
How to read the temperature and humidity recorder?
The temperature and humidity recorder is a kind of temperature and humidity meter in the temperature and humidity measuring instrument. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor or can be connected to an external temperature and humidity sensor to measure temperature and humidity.

The temperature and humidity recorder has an irreplaceable role in real-time temperature monitoring. The temperature and humidity recorder is used to automatically monitor the temperature conditions of medicines, food, etc. during transportation.

So how does the temperature and humidity recorder read the data?

First, the display screen reads the data

The temperature and humidity recorder screen directly displays the monitoring data in real time, which is simple and convenient, the data is clear, and the results can be seen at a glance

Second, USB type Quickly export data

1. Install the USB recorder management system. After the installation is complete, open the software.

2. Connect the recorder to the computer via a USB cable. After the driver is installed, click the 'Device Configuration' button on the software interface, set the device time or modify the device parameters as needed, and then click 'Write Device'.

Get data:

You can get the recorded historical data information from the record. This process will not clear the stored data of the recorder itself. If the recorder is still in the recording state, the process of extracting the data is also Will not affect the working status of the recorder.

1. Open the USB recorder data management system.

2. Connect the recorder to the computer via a USB cable, and the software will automatically read all the data stored in the device.

3. Select 'ReportData can be exported.

4. You can also store the data in a computer database, click 'Save to Database'.

Advantages: 1. In the stage of exporting data, the instrument can still perform functions such as data acquisition and storage, that is, other processes are still executing and do not need to do sleep processing, and at the same time, you can set a selected time period for data export. 2. The exported data is saved in the root directory of the U disk and named by time, and can be opened and viewed through Excel (if you want to use the host computer software to view, you cannot modify this file, otherwise the host computer software will not recognize the file)

Disadvantages: Exporting data is slow, that is, it takes a long time to export. If the data is as high as tens of thousands, it may take more than ten minutes or longer to export the data.

3. GPRS temperature and humidity recorder, WiFi temperature and humidity recorder

GPRS temperature and humidity recorder uses GPRS/4G data upload mode, built-in SIM card, no wiring, and signal can be uploaded to the cloud platform or Mobile terminal.

The WiFi temperature and humidity recorder wirelessly transmits the data of the collection point to the cloud platform for management.

The platform supports equipment monitoring, data analysis, equipment management and other functions, which can be actually monitored and managed through web pages or mobile apps.

The upload cloud platform can support data query, curve view, and report query.

The above are three ways of reading temperature and humidity sensors, and users can choose to operate according to their own needs.

With the advent of the intelligent era, the research and application of various intelligent sensors has attracted more and more attention. The temperature and humidity recorder can provide more comprehensive functions on the basis of traditional sensors.

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