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How to realize network monitoring and automatic alarm of automatic weather station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-23
How to realize network monitoring and automatic alarm of automatic weather station
With the development of society and economy and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, the meteorological technology industry has begun to build an innovative pattern of wisdom, diversification, and sharing, and the research and development of weather stations is also moving closer to the construction of full automation. Up to now, automatic weather station equipment has begun to be integrated into all walks of life. In addition to the well-known agricultural industries, industries such as transportation, finance, power, tourism, etc. are all increasingly demanding real-time weather information.

With the continuous enhancement of automated weather observation capabilities and the continuous increase of weather observation projects, the types of weather station equipment are becoming more and more abundant. Due to the continuous increase in the amount of observation data, the transmission network will be blocked frequently, which seriously affects the update of background data and has a greater impact on production and life. In response to this problem, the environmental monitoring department has combined the actual needs of weather station applications and designed a set of environmental monitoring cloud platforms in accordance with the requirements of meteorological environmental observation business specifications to realize network monitoring and automatic alarms.

The automatic weather station currently on the market is a real-time automatic station that can provide minute data and hourly data. There are also types that do not provide real-time data or both.

1. Real-time automatic weather station:

A real-time automatic weather station is an automatic weather station that can transmit data to the environment monitoring cloud platform or -k software in real time, such as existing automatic weather stations The data can be sorted every minute, and then the whole point data can be uploaded every hour through the 485 cable. There is also an automatic setting of 1 minute, 5 minutes or 1 hour for wireless data transmission via GPRS/4G.

2. Offline analysis of semi-automatic weather station:

The meteorological element observation data of this type of automatic weather station is stored in internal or external memory, and provides the display function of actual weather data. The meteorological element data is sent to a specific data user, requiring manual operation by the observer.

The cooperation of the above two types of weather stations can not only cooperate with the environmental monitoring platform to automatically generate weather reports, but also can manually compile reports for some items that have not been automatically observed. Because the cost of automatic weather equipment is relatively high. Therefore, the equipment performance requirements of automatic weather observation stations should meet the needs of users as the premise. For example, agricultural weather stations for drought and flood monitoring and highway observation stations for highways.

The function of the cloud networking platform (cloud platform)

The cloud IoT platform (cloud platform) must monitor IoT endpoints and event streams, analyze data at the edge and the cloud, and support application development and deployment . These are the basic functions necessary for any IoT implementation.

In order to realize cloud data analysis and application development, the IoT platform also needs to be able to access cloud storage. For industrial IoT devices and vehicles, large amounts of data can be stored, and can also be filtered or aggregated for long-term analysis.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is based on the cloud networking platform and is a web login platform specially developed to provide users with the most convenient service. The cloud platform is deployed on the public network server and can be easily connected to all network devices. The use of the cloud platform is free forever, the interface is completely neutral, supports multi-level access, and supports customers to add sub-accounts. Customers can log in with their account anytime and anywhere, conveniently check their own equipment status, query data records, download and print data, etc., and can also choose SMS alarms, email alarms and other services according to their needs. The platform is stable and reliable.

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