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How to realize soil moisture monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-19
How to realize soil moisture monitoring?
Moisture, refers to the condition of soil moisture. Moisture is an important part of the soil. It affects the physical properties of the soil, restricts the dissolution and transfer of nutrients in the soil and the activities of microorganisms, and is an important factor in soil fertility.

The change of soil moisture is related to soil characteristics, precipitation, irrigation, evaporation, water potential and other factors. It plays a decisive role in the formation of crop yields and changes with time. Reasonable prediction of soil moisture can calculate the actual water demand of crops. Under the premise of ensuring yield, increase the utilization rate of irrigation water, provide a scientific basis for food production safety and water-saving irrigation schemes in farmland, and at the same time, through trend prediction can improve the prediction of drought conditions. Provide guarantee for early warning of crop disasters in time. Soil moisture is a very important reference for hydrological forecasting, drought prevention and drought resistance, and agricultural production. Therefore, it needs to be monitored in real time.

Soil moisture monitoring is a technique to measure soil moisture regularly and at fixed points through technical means such as instruments and equipment, and to master the dynamic law of soil moisture changes. Soil moisture monitoring can not only designate a targeted irrigation system based on local planting patterns, but also realize early warning of droughts and floods. The accumulation of long series of moisture data will help local adjust planting structure and carry out scientific and efficient irrigation, so as to achieve energy saving. The purpose of water efficiency. Its economic and social benefits are obvious.

The Dr. soil tube soil detector is based on the principle of dielectric constant, which can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature status at different levels, and can quickly and comprehensively understand soil moisture information and grasp the law of soil moisture change. In view of crop growth conditions, water demand and soil water conditions, scientific water use, correct guidance of the optimal allocation of water resources and agricultural water-saving irrigation, timely adjustment of the planting industry structure, and guarantee of agricultural production.

The outer shell of Dr. Yang’s tubular soil detector is made of PVC plastic pipe, which is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and has a longer service life; the interior emits a high-frequency detection wave of nearly 1G Hz, which can penetrate the plastic pipe and is effective Perceive the soil environment.

The electrode of the sensor is not in direct contact with the soil, and is not interfered by the electric power of salt ions in the soil. Agricultural activities such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation will not affect the measurement results. The data measurement is very accurate; the device is built-in and rechargeable The battery can be used for up to a week, which solves the problem of long-term outdoor operation without battery power.

It has a wide range of application scenarios. It can monitor soil moisture and drought information in places that need to detect weather, moisture, agricultural conditions, and water diversion for water conservancy projects in real time.

In fact, not only the soil moisture has a great influence on the soil, but also the influence of factors such as soil temperature, soil conductivity, and soil pH on the soil. Dr. Rang Tubular Soil Detector is an integrated moisture tester, which can simultaneously monitor temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, and soil ph, and can more conveniently and comprehensively understand soil information.

With the development of modern agricultural technology, precision agriculture has received more and more attention from the society. The core of precision agriculture is to accurately obtain the actual difference information in the environmental factors affecting the growth of crops in the farmland community, and to conduct targeted analysis and precise control. Dr. Yang's tube soil detector can be connected to a cloud platform provided free of charge. The cloud platform uses advanced sensor sensing technology, remote monitoring technology, combined with data processing, dynamic monitoring and other methods to realize real-time monitoring and analysis of soil elements, so as to make rational use Resources, improve the growth environment of crops, and increase the yield and quality of crops.

The most important value and significance of the application of soil moisture detector lies in the realization of scientific, standardized, quantitative and efficient agriculture that cannot be achieved by traditional agriculture. Through real-time monitoring and research on the changing laws of soil moisture data, it is possible to evaluate the production benefits and development prospects of different technical models, and contribute to improving water resource utilization efficiency, more effective and reasonable targeted soil improvement, and promoting sustainable agricultural development.

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