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In the 5G environment, smart agriculture is ushering in a new era of Internet of Everything

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-11
In the 5G environment, smart agriculture is ushering in a new era of Internet of Everything
The 21st century is an era of rapid technological development. Human irrigation and livestock breeding are gradually being replaced by intelligent technologies. In the environment of rapid development of 5G and the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything is bound to become a major trend.

In the past, agricultural plant protection has always been a headache for farmers. Traditional agricultural plant protection not only requires a large number of people and funds, but also efficiency and safety are not guaranteed. Farmers urgently need a brand new plant protection system to improve Agricultural production efficiency, and this brand new system is smart agriculture.

Smart agriculture in the new era

Under the trend of accelerating land circulation in China, more and more electronic information companies are constantly improving the traditional agricultural system in response to the intensive production of concentrated and contiguous arable land. In the end, smart agriculture has emerged as an innovative solution that combines refined management and high-efficiency operations. According to relevant data, the scale of China's smart agriculture market in 2020 will be approximately RMB 200 billion. It can be said that my country's agriculture is in a critical period of transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The speed and success of the transformation are closely related to whether the sustainable development of agriculture can be achieved.

Smart agriculture shines during this year’s epidemic. During the epidemic, farmers cannot often go to farmland to check information. The popularization of smart agriculture has greatly helped modern farmers solve field problems by observing sensor terminals. The agricultural elements uploaded to the cloud platform can manage farmland without leaving home.

What is smart agriculture?

Smart agriculture is the smart economy in agriculture, or the concrete manifestation of smart economy in agriculture. For developing countries, smart agriculture is the main component of the smart economy, and the main way for developing countries to eliminate poverty, achieve late-comer advantages, catch up with and surpass in economic development.

The working principle of smart agriculture

The smart agriculture launched can be widely used in plantation parks, and its functions and effects are very comprehensive. Smart agriculture collects real-time environmental data such as air temperature and humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature, carbon dioxide, and light in the greenhouse through terminal sensors: meteorological shutters, soil PH/conductivity sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, etc., and transmits them to the environment monitoring host Environmental monitoring cloud platform.

The central platform system compares the latest monitoring data with pre-set environmental parameters suitable for crop growth. If there is a deviation between the data monitored by the sensor and the preset value, the computer will automatically issue instructions , Intelligently start the ventilation fan, sunshade, humidification, watering and other equipment connected with the system to work, until the environmental data in the greenhouse reaches the preset data range of the system, the related equipment will stop working. Through the remote mobile terminal of the system, the greenhouse implements automated and unmanned management.

Smart agriculture environmental monitoring cloud platform

The reason why smart agriculture is admired is that the smart agriculture cloud platform can not only view environmental data in real time, but also interact with the scene. It can be said that the cloud platform is wisdom The soul of agriculture. How should the cloud platform use it?

By logging in to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, through the environmental monitoring host, you can adjust the configuration parameters of all monitoring equipment, including the upper and lower limits of air temperature and humidity, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and when the system detects one of these factors When the value exceeds the limit, the shed manager will be notified in time through the font color change (green when normal, red when the limit exceeds the limit), telephone, SMS, email, etc., so that they can take timely measures to improve the environment in the shed.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform will display the received data on the platform interface in real time through numbers, dashboards, etc., and also automatically update the working status of the equipment. When the color of the device list and the value font is green, it means that the device is working normally; if the device list turns gray and the value of the node information is displayed offline, it means that the device is not working properly.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform automatically stores historical data when receiving real-time data, and it also automatically stores every over-limit alarm information. If later managers need data to make reports, they can log in to the cloud platform with their account and password to query the monitoring data, login information, SMS, email sending records, alarm records and other information within 2 years, or download and print these information.

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