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In the 5G era, the way for smart sensors to survive in the Internet of Things

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-06
In the 5G era, the way for smart sensors to survive in the Internet of Things
As the third wave of the world's information industry after computers and the Internet, the Internet of Things is currently one of the most attention-grabbing focuses. It collects any objects that need to be monitored, connected, and interacted in real time through various information sensing devices. , A huge network formed by the combination of the Internet, is changing our way of life.

I said a lot, don’t you understand? Simply put, just like our online shopping flow, operating vehicle monitoring, cloud TV, and our ETC also apply the Internet of Things technology.

With the continuous development of 5G technology, businesses and various media have begun to fancy propaganda about this 'magic' technological breakthrough, trying to show people that 5G technology can bring earth-shaking changes to people’s lives in the future. So, many people are beginning to feel that 5G has become the future of the Internet of Things.

In fact, 5G and the Internet of Things are different. In addition to 5G, the Internet of Things is composed of smart devices such as sensors, information transmission networks, and software platforms. Without any of these, the Internet of Things may be paralyzed.

Sensors are the foundation of all the Internet of Things in the future and present. As the infrastructure of the Internet of Things system, it stands at the forefront of the Internet of Things and transmits the collected data to the back-end management system for monitoring and Management.

There are many types of sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors that measure the temperature and humidity values u200bu200band changes in the environment, smoke sensors that monitor smoke, and infrared sensors that monitor people’s intrusion. All kinds of element information of, and automatically upload to the designated software platform.

It can be said that without sensors, the Internet of Things cannot proceed to the next step, and without the information transmission network, the Internet of Things cannot operate either.

If the information collected by the sensor cannot be uploaded to the platform, the role of these data will be greatly reduced. Sensor information output methods include analog quantity, RS485, network and other types. Based on the advantages of network sensors such as high flexibility and high practicability, this type of sensor occupies half of the Internet of Things sensors. GPRS sensor is one of them.

The GPRS sensor can insert a SIM card, and upload the real-time environmental data collected by the sensor to the back-end software platform by way of GPRS signal through the SIM card. With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things cards used by operators for the networking of smart terminal devices such as sensors have emerged.

Different from the mobile phone traffic card, the IoT card is dedicated to wireless data communication and is used to link terminal devices and upload data. Therefore, the IoT card accesses the Internet of Things private network, which can prevent malicious attacks and ensure data Safe and reliable; the billing of the Internet of Things card is also more flexible, and can be selected according to the use needs of different stages of the product.

5G base stations continue to be built, and the combination of 5G technology and sensors is just around the corner. The strong combination of the two enables the application of sensors to be extended to more application scenarios, providing assistance for the application and expansion of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things must be connected to the Internet, and the development and application of 5G technology will inevitably bring about huge changes in the development and application of the Internet of Things. However, this change does not mean that the future of the Internet of Things is 5G, the future of the Internet of Things It should depend more on the development of information collection equipment such as front-end sensors and back-end control and management equipment.

Things and things are connected, and the dialogue between things has begun. More and more information and functions are gradually integrated into the huge Internet of Things network, and the Internet of Things technology has gradually been integrated into all fields of society. Among them, the era of the Internet of Everything is beginning.

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