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Indoor air quality monitoring and sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-14
Indoor air quality monitoring and sensors
With the continuous progress of human society, industrial development, automobile exhaust and the use of civil fuels, etc., make the air inevitably mixed with various pollutants.

For a long time, many people think that the serious air pollution is outdoor, and that outdoor environmental pollution has a great impact on human health. However, the fact is that the air pollution in closed indoor environments such as offices, bedrooms, and cinemas The air quality is far more polluted than the outdoor environment.

Usually we are outdoors in natural ventilation. The pollutants in the air generally do not affect people’s health. However, with the improvement of people’s living conditions and the generalization of various decorations, chemical products and electrical appliances enter the room. The types and numbers of equipment are increasing, and in order to save energy, the indoor is usually in a closed state, which leads to excessive indoor pollutant concentration, which seriously affects people's health.

Indoor air pollutants mainly include total suspended particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10, etc.), formaldehyde, ozone, carbon monoxide, etc., which can have direct or indirect, short-term or long-term and potential effects on human health after reaching a certain concentration. Substances with harmful effects. Most of these substances come from building materials, thermal insulation materials, furniture, decorations and furnishings, as well as daily necessities such as detergents, inks and paints.

With the gradual expansion of the home furnishing market, many new materials for home furnishing have appeared. People’s demand for the environmental quality of work and living places is getting higher and higher. Indoor environmental pollution has changed from pure chemical pollution to smoke and dust pollution. Physical and chemical pollution changes. The use of accurate monitoring, recording and analysis of the temperature, humidity, air pressure, harmful gases and other environmental conditions in the indoor environment to achieve comprehensive scientific detection of the indoor environment has become one of the current development trends in environmental monitoring.

How to monitor so many elements in the environment?

1. Multifunctional air quality transmitter

The RS-MG111-N01-1 multifunctional air quality transmitter developed by PM10) and formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, TVOC and other gas concentrations for real-time monitoring, 11 kinds of detection parameters can be measured, 18 kinds of detection elements are optional; electrochemical and catalytic combustion sensors are used, and high-sensitivity gas detection probes imported from abroad can be used for air detection. It is suitable for indoor environment monitoring in smart homes, airport stations, hospitals, schools and other places.

1. Built-in measuring unit imported from Switzerland, which integrates multiple measurement elements to detect it;
2. Use imported high-sensitivity gas Detection probe to detect TVOC gas;
3. Use electrochemical and catalytic combustion sensors to detect the real-time concentration of each gas in the environment;
5. Use high-performance signal acquisition circuit with high accuracy;
br/>6. Dedicated 485 route, stable communication;

2. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

In order to facilitate users to view various environmental data in real time, the environmental monitoring cloud platform is launched to collect the data uploaded by the transmitter. For real-time data of various elements, users can remotely log in to view and manage them through a variety of methods such as the computer web terminal, mobile APP, and WeChat official account; users only need to log in to the account with a password to modify the upper and lower limits of each factor. If the data exceeds the limit, the system can promptly notify the relevant personnel through mobile phone ringing and text messages.

The cloud platform supports historical data viewing, curve analysis, and data export functions. The data export supports TXT, PDF, and Excel formats, which is convenient for users.

Modern people spend two-thirds of their lives indoors. The quality of the indoor environment directly affects people’s health, especially in winter, when influenza and other respiratory diseases are high-incidence seasons. The indoor environment is particularly important to improve indoor air quality.

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