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Infrared detector and infrared detection technology

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-01
Infrared detector and infrared detection technology
In 1800, British scientist Herschel discovered infrared radiation, laying the foundation for the discovery of infrared detection technology. Although infrared was discovered earlier, in the 19th century, people only used infrared detection technology for the study of stars. With the development of technology, so far, infrared detection technology has penetrated into various fields and is widely used.

Today, let’s talk more about it~

Because the temperature of different parts of the physical object is different, the emissivity is different so that it can show different radiation characteristics, infrared The detection technology transmits and receives the image through the atmosphere, and then through photoelectric conversion, the image can be observed with the naked eye. The hot spot or image formed by the difference of infrared radiation is used to obtain target and background information, which is the principle of infrared detection technology.

Once the intruder enters the detection area, the pyroelectric element in the infrared detector can detect and perceive the presence or movement of the human body, and convert the input signal of the pyroelectric element into a voltage signal, which is then processed by micro-processing The processor processes and discovers the alarm information.

What are the infrared detection technology and control methods?

According to the number of channels, the number of beams, encoding methods, etc., the control methods of infrared detection technology can be divided into the following categories:

Single-channel infrared remote control switch mode

p> The basic mechanism of the transmitting circuit is composed of a pulse generator, a driving stage, and an infrared emission. The structure of the receiving circuit is mainly composed of a photodetector, a high gain amplifier, a rectifier filter, a switch circuit, and an execution machine. From its structural composition, this is an extremely simple infrared detection system. The control is mainly through the switch circuit.

Single-channel stepping infrared remote control method

can effectively increase the distance of infrared detection and enhance the signal strength. It can be said that this is a pulse coding method.

Dual-beam infrared detection remote control method

Infrared rays are easily affected by animals and obstacles, and the emission interruption problem may occur, and it may even cause the system to malfunction. For this, a dual-beam infrared detection remote control method can be used.

Multi-channel infrared detection remote control method

is suitable for the situation where there are many control objects and the number of remote control channels. According to the different control commands and command characteristics, the multi-channel infrared remote control is also divided into frequency division infrared detection, remote control and code division infrared detection.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the advantages of infrared detection technology have become more obvious, bringing great convenience to people’s lives, and infrared detectors have also been applied to many industries.

Ceiling infrared detectors use advanced signal analysis technology, 8-bit low-power CMOS processor, equipped with high-performance sensing signals to process integrated circuits, with ultra-high detection And anti-false alarm performance.

The detector adopts ceiling-mounted installation, small in size, internally equipped with a human body dual-element pyro-infrared sensor and a small number of external components, the installation height is between 2.5-6m, and when the installation height is 3.6m, It can form a detection range with a diameter of 6m, forming a cone-shaped space from top to bottom, and 360° comprehensive protection against detection. It is a passive infrared detector with extremely high stability.

When an intruder passes through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the activities of the human body in the area. The equipment also has the function of preventing false alarms and automatic temperature compensation. The temperature is -10℃~50℃. In between, working in an environment with a relative humidity of ≤95%, no condensation will occur.

The infrared detector is simple to use, easy to install, and has the characteristics of safety and reliability. The product is suitable for safety precautions in family residential areas, real estate villas, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings and other places. People are currently the main choice of protective products.

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