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Instructions for use of battery in weather station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-10
Instructions for use of battery in weather station
With the development of the meteorological industry, the use of weather station equipment has increased. Many industries have begun to use weather station equipment, such as plant cultivation, primary and secondary school campuses, engineering sites, etc. The battery is the core of the weather station equipment Where, its quality and performance directly affect the overall operation of the automatic weather station. In continuous rainy days or when the mains power supply is abnormal, the battery will perform its work to ensure that the weather station continues to work normally. At present, the power system of automatic stations basically uses valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries as emergency and backup power sources under abnormal conditions of solar energy or mains power. This power supply mode fully guarantees the stability and reliability of the automatic station equipment system, and improves the anti-interference ability of the automatic weather station.

The working principle of the battery and its current status of use: The valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery adopts the principle of negative electrode absorption to realize the oxygen recombination cycle. The battery can absorb the oxygen generated by the positive electrode during charging, thereby reducing the excess loss of electrolyte. In the daily use and maintenance of the weather station, it is very important to regulate the use of batteries, so how should the weather station equipment be used in a standardized way? Next, let’s take a look at the precautions before using the weather station battery:

1. The weather station equipment battery is in the initial state of charge when it leaves the factory, and it is forbidden to connect the positive and the negative.

2. When the battery is transported, the force should be evenly applied, and the force should be the shell part of the battery to avoid internal damage to the battery.

3. Check the connection line of the battery that is not in use. Store the connection line in a low-temperature, dry, ventilated and clean place, and store the battery after it is fully charged.

4. The battery will lose power during transportation and handling. If you want to continue to store it, you should add power. Generally speaking, it is stored for a long time and recharged every 3-6 months.

Precautions for battery installation of weather station equipment:

1. The battery of weather station equipment must be used to avoid mixed use of new and old batteries.

2. The battery connection line of the weather station equipment must be tight to avoid sparks.

3. When installing the battery, use insulated tools to avoid electric shock.

4. The battery installation of weather station equipment should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from heat-generating objects.

5. When installing the battery, the heat dissipation of the connecting wire should be considered, and the distance between the two rows should be about 10mm.

6. Only batteries or battery packs with the same actual capacity can be used in series, and battery packs in automatic stations are generally connected in series.

Precautions for maintenance of battery in weather station equipment:

1. The battery cannot be over-discharged, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

2. When discharging the battery, please control the working temperature within the range of 20℃~50℃. Do not leave the battery unused after discharge, be sure to charge it immediately.

3. For sealed series batteries, the battery must not be disassembled during use to avoid danger; if the battery shell is accidentally ruptured and contacted with sulfuric acid, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary.

4. Regularly check the battery: check once a month, the total voltage of the battery in floating charge, adjust to the floating charge voltage × the number of single cells; check once every six months, check whether the cell voltage is normal, if it exceeds The voltage value range, observe for 1~2 months, if it still does not return to normal, you need to replace the battery; check once a year whether the battery connection line is loose, if there is looseness, tighten the bolts and nuts.

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