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Instructions To Help Mount Your Home Weather Station

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-17
Lot of people these days are investing in home weather stations. These typically consist of a receiver, thermometer, barometer, anemometer and rain gauge. The barometer is usually included into the electronic receiver itself but the other three instruments need to mounted in the correct manner so as to obtain the best and most accurate results. The thermometer is the instrument that measures the ambient temperature so one cannot place it in the direct sunlight because the direct heat will change the readings. The thermometer needs to be mounted in the shade at a few feet above the ground so that you are assured of the readings. Generally people use a Stevenson's Screen in which they mount it. This assembly protects the instrument from the direct sunlight. This also shields it from precipitation and the shade of trees that can alter the readings. The anemometer is the instrument that measures the speed and the direction of the wind. Any kind of obstructions in the path of the instrument can alter the readings so it is ideal to mount it at a height of at least 33 feet or more, away from any obstructions. This height requirement makes it ideal to put this instrument on most roofs. Care must be taken to make sure nothing will block the wind's path to the instrument at the chosen location. The rain gauge is for measuring precipitation. So if you mount it in the garage or under a very leafy tree no precipitation will reach it. It should be mounted two feet above the ground and must be placed completely level to the ground. Care must be taken to make sure there is nothing overhead that will block or reroute the rain drops.
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