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Intelligent spore monitoring system reveals the secret of crop 'immunity'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-14
Intelligent spore monitoring system reveals the secret of 'immunization' of crops
On July 21, the research team of Huazhong Agricultural University obtained crops with high resistance to two fungal diseases through gene editing technology. A related study entitled 'Two Birds with One Stone: Editing a Plant Gene to Prevent and Control Two Fungal Diseases' was published online in the recent 'Plant Biotechnology' magazine. The research starts from the pathogenic genes of pathogens, screens target genes in crops, and cultivates new disease-resistant varieties through gene editing, which provides new research ideas for improving plant disease resistance.

In farmland environments, crops are often exposed to multiple pathogens at the same time, most of which are pathogen spores floating in the air. According to statistics, among more than 1,000 crop diseases, 60% are spore diseases. The disease has a short course and spreads quickly. In addition to the development of new varieties that can resist the spores of a variety of pathogens, monitoring and early warning of the disease in advance has become the most direct and effective method for disease prevention and control in modern agricultural production. On the basis of the self-developed spore capture instrument (model: KH-PSR-*-100), it is integrated into our agricultural four conditions forecasting platform to build an intelligent spore monitoring system integrating real-time monitoring, scientific analysis and management of spore diseases. Further improve the level of spore disease monitoring and carry out scientific and effective green disease prevention and control to provide strong support.

The composition of the intelligent spore monitoring system:

Spore capture instrument: (KH-PSR-*-100)

The spore capture instrument has a built-in high-power optical microscope imaging system, using precision limit technology, automatic intelligence Focusing on fusion technology, Internet of Things transmission control technology and other technical means, the captured pathogen spores are automatically photographed around the clock and collected and analyzed in real time. Combined with the image optimization algorithm, it can be more intuitive and clear to shoot small targets with a size of 5~100um. Support 4G/Ethernet port network transmission mode, remote control equipment on web page and mobile phone APP, GPS positioning function (optional), save time and be more user-friendly. By detecting the inventory of disease spores and their spreading dynamics, it provides reliable data support for the staff to predict and prevent disease epidemics and infections.

Agricultural Four Situations Observation and Reporting Platform:

Agricultural Four Situations Observation and Reporting Platform supports multiple terminal logins such as web and mobile apps, and has large-screen visualization. The pictures taken by the spore capture device can be uploaded to the agricultural four conditions forecasting platform by means of 4G/network port network transmission. The platform also adopts cloud server technology, which can realize remote statistics and analysis of germ spore pictures by management personnel. Support remote control equipment, such as switch machine, remote automatic and manual photography, set sampling time, working hours, etc.

Advantages of the intelligent spore monitoring system:

1. High-magnification microscopic imaging automatic acquisition and shooting

Using a 5 million pixel camera, it can more intuitively and clearly shoot 5~100um small targets Body; all-weather automatic microscopic imaging, all-weather automatic shooting of the captured pathogenic spores.

2. Remote monitoring

The user can log in to the agricultural four conditions forecasting platform to view the spore photos at any time on the mobile phone APP or PC according to the account password, and to switch the device on and off, remote automatic photography and manual photography, settings Sampling time, working period and other parameters are set.

3. A variety of data and picture viewing methods

The spore capture instrument is equipped with a 10.4-inch high-definition display. The staff can directly view the photographs of the spores on the display, configure equipment parameters, and control equipment on and off. . In addition, the photographed spore pictures will be uploaded to the agricultural four conditions forecasting platform in real time through 4G/network port transmission, so that the staff can analyze and predict the disease according to the spore status in time, and formulate measures to prevent the disease.

4. Convenient and save time and effort

The spore capture instrument adopts a glass tape design. Compared with the traditional spore capture instrument slide design, it does not require manual replacement and cleaning in time. After the carrier glass is replaced once, if it is taken three times a day, it can be used continuously for up to 365 days, and the system will automatically alert when it is used up, which has the characteristics of saving costs and saving labor.

5. Non-repetitive sampling, small error

The air circulation duct is formed at the inlet and outlet of the spore capture instrument to ensure the air circulation, thereby effectively reducing the collection repetition rate, shortening the sampling time, and improving the collection efficiency.

Using the intelligent spore monitoring system to monitor the type and quantity of spores in the air in real time, scientifically and accurately, to help farmers and friends find the possibility of diseases early, prepare prevention and control measures in advance, and formulate more scientific and reasonable medication plans. Avoid the abuse and misuse of pesticides, so as to achieve high yield, high quality, high efficiency and safety of crops.

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