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Intelligent temperature and humidity sensor provides more convenience for temperature and humidity monitoring

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-19
Intelligent temperature and humidity sensor provides more convenience for temperature and humidity monitoring
As an important tool for obtaining information, sensors play an important role in industrial production, science and technology and other fields. However, with the rapid development of microprocessor technology and the development of automation and intelligence in measurement and control systems, traditional sensors have been combined with various microprocessors and connected to the network, forming a system with information detection, signal processing, and logical thinking. A series of functional smart sensors.

As a tool for humans to obtain information, sensors are an important part of modern information technology. In the traditional sense, most sensors output 485 or analog signals. They do not have signal processing and networking functions. They need to be connected to specific measuring instruments (such as data collectors, host computers, etc.) to complete signal processing and transmission functions. Smart sensors can process raw data internally, exchange data with the outside world through standard interfaces, and change the sensor's work through software control according to actual needs, thereby achieving intelligence and networking.

Intelligent sensor is a new type of sensor that can sense and detect certain information of the measured object, learn, reason, judge and process signals, and have communication and management functions. Smart sensors have the ability to automatically zero, calibrate, compensate, and collect data. Its ability determines that the intelligent sensor also has higher accuracy and resolution, higher stability and reliability, better adaptability, and is also very cost-effective compared to traditional sensors.

The earliest intelligent temperature sensor introduced in the mid-1990s used an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter, and its temperature measurement accuracy was low, with a resolution of only 1 degree. A variety of high-precision, high-resolution intelligent temperature sensors have been introduced abroad, using 9-12-bit analog-to-digital converters, and the resolution can generally reach 0.5-0.0625 degrees. The high-resolution DS1624 intelligent temperature sensor newly developed by Dallas Semiconductor can output 13-bit binary data with a resolution of 0.03125 degrees and a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.2 degrees. In order to improve the conversion rate of multi-channel intelligent temperature sensors, some chips adopt high-speed successive approximation analog-to-digital converters. Taking the AD7817 five-channel intelligent temperature sensor as an example, the conversion time for the local sensor and each remote sensor is only 27US and 9US respectively.

Through continuous fusion and development, the functions of the new intelligent temperature and humidity sensor are also continuously enhanced. For example: RS-WS-WIFI-C4 intelligent temperature and humidity sensor integrates AirKiss technology, which can realize one-key network distribution and easy networking; and has a data cache function, which can cache up to 1000 data. When the transmitter is connected to the WIFI network in the venue, the real-time data can be uploaded to the WeChat device platform through the on-site network. When the network is disconnected, the device will automatically cache the data, and the network will resume the data transmission automatically. Smart temperature and humidity sensor, no longer need to use too many devices to export and view data, in addition to the device's own LCD screen real-time display of temperature and humidity data, device power and current network connection status, use WeChat to scan the transmitter The QR code can be used to instantly manage the device and view the data, which is simple and convenient.

The emergence of these new functions makes smart temperature and humidity sensors have more functions, can better monitor temperature and humidity, serve us better, realize intelligence and standardization, and give The production work has brought great convenience. At present, intelligent temperature and humidity sensors are developing from a single channel to multiple channels, gradually replacing ordinary temperature and humidity sensors, and are widely used in gardens, laboratories, breeding, greenhouses, offices, warehouses and other places that require online temperature and humidity monitoring.

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