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Introduction of Intelligent Flooding Alarm System in Computer Room_Water Flooding Sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-11
Introduction of Intelligent Flooding Alarm System in Computer Room_Water Flooding Sensor
The computer room is a closed environment. When many machines are together, they will generate a lot of heat, which will damage the machine, and cause the machine to slow down and automatically shut down. Therefore, in order to cool down and dissipate heat, we will choose to install air conditioners in the machine room. Especially in the summer when the temperature rises, air conditioning is essential. However, due to improper use of the air conditioner, it is inevitable that the air conditioner will malfunction, and water leakage of the air conditioner in the computer room also occurs from time to time. This not only causes humidity in the computer room, but also affects the safe operation of equipment in the computer room.

At this time, the intelligent flooding alarm system in the computer room is indispensable.

The flooding alarm system is composed of 'water flooding sensor, monitoring host, and cloud platform'. The water immersion sensor is connected to the monitoring host, and the monitoring host uploads the data to the cloud platform through GPRS, Ethernet, and RS485 cable.

Common water immersion sensors mainly include electrode (probe) type, photoelectric type and cable type, which are divided into contact type water immersion detectors and non-contact type water immersion detectors. The contact type water immersion detector is based on the principle of liquid conduction. The water immersion sensor uses the conductivity of water. When two probes contact water at the same time, a current loop is formed. At this time, the sensor reports the state of water immersion or water leakage to the gateway to trigger an alarm. Or link other smart devices to perform related actions.

There are two types of water immersion sensors: wall-mounted king-shaped water immersion sensor and card rail housing water immersion sensor. The unique AC sampling technology is used to accurately distinguish whether water immersion occurs, even pure water and tap water, and the detection is reliable; even if the electrode is soaked for a long time, it will not produce electrophoretic polarization, and it does not rely on special electrodes to ensure that the measuring electrode remains sensitive for a long time ,long lasting.

The monitoring host has 1 RJ45 network port, which can upload the monitoring data to the remote monitoring software platform; 1 water immersion detection function can be connected with a leaking electrode or a leaking rope, the maximum length is 30 meters; 1 Multifunctional GPRS communication interface, you only need to insert a mobile phone card to upload data to the remote monitoring software platform; built-in data storage, can store 520,000 records; 1 ModBus-RTU master station interface can be connected to the water Immersion sensor.

The monitoring host has a built-in large-screen LCD with beautiful and easy-to-operate interface. At the same time, the host can be connected to an external LED screen with a maximum 1024*256 dot matrix. The device exceeds the limit, the screen displays the alarm channel and alarm real-time data in turn, and the built-in real-time clock can display real-time data and system time.

The monitoring host supports GPRS (optional 4G), Ethernet, RS485 wired and other methods to transmit data to the cloud platform.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can set parameters locally and remotely through web pages, and can provide equipment data overrun, offline SMS alarm and email alarm services. Provide a free mobile APP, you can set parameters to go online and offline, one-key login, convenient and easy to use. Support local and remote viewing and export of historical data and alarm data.

In addition, it can also be uploaded to the -K monitoring platform. -K monitoring platform is a kind of local monitoring software. It supports logging in to the webpage through computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals to view the flooding status of the computer room, download and print historical data (Excel spreadsheets, etc.), with plan data display, over-limit alarm , Data analysis and other functions, can monitor all computer rooms as a whole.

At the same time, the monitoring host can also be connected to the M88 industrial control module. The M88 industrial control module adopts 485 interface and standard Modbus-RTU protocol, which can read the status of 8 input channels and control 8 outputs through data commands. The function of the channel status; the M88 industrial control module can control the drain valve. Once the system detects water leakage, we can open the drain valve through the M88 module to drain water and reduce losses.

The intelligent flood monitoring system in the computer room effectively protects the safety of important data and equipment such as data centers and network computer rooms. In the event of water leakage, the system will initiate an alarm so that managers can find water leakage and deal with the problem in a timely manner , To avoid subsequent disasters or losses.

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