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Introduction to the application of carbon dioxide sensors, the system understands the application scenarios of carbon dioxide sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-27
Introduction to the application of carbon dioxide sensor, the system understands the application scenarios of carbon dioxide sensor
The severe pollution of the atmosphere has caused the continuous emergence and development of technologies and instruments for measuring gas concentration. These include chemical sensors, ceramic sensors and various types of electrochemical sensors, as well as temperature and humidity recorders for measuring temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide sensors for measuring carbon dioxide concentration, and so on. Each sensor is suitable for a certain application field. Today we introduce the application field of carbon dioxide sensor and have a systematic understanding of carbon dioxide sensor.

1. The application of carbon dioxide sensor in greenhouse animal breeding

In recent years, the country has vigorously implemented the rural revitalization strategy. A large number of projects such as rural complexes, modern agricultural breeding and planting parks have sprung up. Through project construction, the integration of rural industries has been promoted and farmers’ income has been increased. Among them, the high-tech smart greenhouse is a representative facility for the construction of the industrial chain.

Some large farms, such as cattle, pigs, chicken factories, etc., are in closed or semi-enclosed environments. Because of their large numbers, these livestock exhale large amounts of carbon dioxide. If ventilation measures are not taken in time, high concentrations of carbon dioxide will cause animal hypoxia, depression, fatigue, anorexia, slow growth and other problems. At the same time, the lack of air movement can easily lead to a decline in the immunity of livestock and outbreaks of diseases.

Install a carbon dioxide sensor in the greenhouse farm to monitor the carbon dioxide concentration. When the carbon dioxide concentration of the farm reaches a certain level, the exhaust system can be activated to replace the fresh air and provide a good breeding environment for the growth of livestock.

Second, the application of carbon dioxide sensors in industrial waste gas emissions

There are many types of industrial waste gas, which may cause varying degrees of harm to the environment. Exhaust gas refers to the toxic and harmful gases emitted by human beings in production and life. Especially chemical plants, steel plants, pharmaceutical plants, oil refineries, etc., as well as the production of domestic waste gas brought by human life. The exhaust gas has a great smell, which seriously pollutes the environment and affects human health.

With the development of economy and the improvement of industrialization, human activities (such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation) have exacerbated the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. There are also some industrial enterprises that use chimneys or exhaust gas in the combustion and production process, and a large amount of CO2 gas is discharged from the opening of the pipe. These make global warming one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today.

Global carbon emissions hit a new high. When many people are indifferent to this, the greenhouse effect brought about by the increase of carbon emissions is quietly affecting people's living environment, such as the increase of pests and diseases, the rise of sea level, the abnormal climate, and the increase of desertification area. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the flue gas concentration when discharging industrial waste gas. A carbon dioxide sensor that monitors the carbon dioxide concentration can be installed in the chimney to strictly control the carbon dioxide concentration in the exhaust gas.

3. Application of carbon dioxide sensor in environmental protection central air-conditioning

If there are too many people in the room, the air is not circulating, or there is gas or coal stove burning in the room, plus the CO2 emitted by human breathing, the air is Relatively lower oxygen content, higher carbon dioxide concentration, indoor personnel will have different degrees of symptoms of poisoning.

Many people who stay indoors often like to turn on the air conditioner to ventilate, but ordinary central air conditioners have poor air purification effects, resulting in many indoor air pollutants. Among them, gaseous pollutants are carcinogenic and teratogenic to the human body, and microorganisms are easy to Cause various allergic diseases. Although the purification effect of environmentally friendly air conditioners cannot be compared with that of air purifiers, the air passing through environmentally friendly air conditioners is also odorless and fresh, so the indoor CO2 concentration will be reduced.

Four, the application of carbon dioxide sensor in agricultural greenhouses

A variety of green vegetables in agricultural vegetable greenhouses need to absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, the crops in the plastic greenhouse have been in a relatively closed place for a long time, and the carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse has changed greatly within a day. Therefore, the carbon dioxide deficit in the plastic greenhouse is quite serious, and it has become an important factor affecting the yield of vegetables in the plastic greenhouse. The use of carbon dioxide sensors to control the concentration has also become an important factor affecting crop yield. At present, many agricultural greenhouse facilities have begun to use carbon dioxide sensor environmental monitoring equipment. The installation of carbon dioxide sensors in agricultural vegetable plastic greenhouses can ensure timely alarm in the case of insufficient carbon dioxide concentration, so as to use gas fertilizer. Ensure that vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, Chinese medicine, etc. are marketed early, with high quality and high yield.

Now, carbon dioxide sensors are providing more and more convenience for our production and life. In addition to carbon dioxide sensors, there are many sensors that are serving our production and life, such as sulfur dioxide sensors. , Carbon monoxide sensor, illuminance sensor, etc.

An increasing dependence on the use of sensor solution environmental monitoring systems has made numerous changes in the OEM sensor industry over the past decades.
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