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inventory! China's top ten 'black technologies' during the fight against the 'epidemic'! (superior)

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-12
Take inventory! China's top ten 'black technologies' during the fight against the 'epidemic'! (Top)

At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic suddenly arrived. In this 'epidemic' of the war, we once again feel the power of China! Looking back on the overall prevention and control work this time, whether it is clinical diagnosis and treatment, vaccine research and development, or community prevention and control, there are scientific and technological forces in every link. High and new technology provides the most advanced weapons for fighting the 'epidemic'. Chinese spirit and high The combination of science and technology is the magic weapon to win the battle against the 'epidemic'.

Look at China's power from China's speed!

In one hour, Wuhan Tianhe Airport completed the loading, unloading and delivery of more than 20 tons of medical supplies;

In one day, more than 15 million masks were urgently produced;

In 6 days, more than 50 medical teams and more than 6000 medical team members gathered in Hubei;

In 9 days, 17 rapid monitoring kits were launched;

In 10 days, more than 7000 people battled. A Huoshenshan Hospital was completed.

Whether it’s the rising of 'Vulcan Mountain' and 'Thunder MountainThis kind of black technology is even more impressive to the world.

Today, let’s take stock of the top ten 'black technologies' that amazed the world during the fight against the epidemic

01 Negative Pressure Ambulance

Compared with ordinary ambulances, negative pressure ambulances are special ambulances designed to deal with situations similar to this epidemic or sudden infectious disease. The simple thing is to put a 'mask' on the ambulance

The key to 'negative pressure' is that first of all, there is a special air recovery port on the stretcher in the car where the patient is, which will take all the breath out of the patient. All the air is extracted, filtered and disinfected and discharged outside the vehicle.

In the medical compartment of the car, the atmospheric pressure is 10-30Pa lower than the outside air, so the polluted air in the car will not flow out of the car from other gaps, and it will not pollute the surrounding environment.

In addition, the common medical first aid equipment of negative pressure ambulances is also readily available. Negative pressure ambulances can not only isolate patients, but also perform debridement and suture operations, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other rescue operations in conventional ambulances. Can be carried out in the car.

02 3D printed goggles

Goggles are essential protective equipment for doctors

During the outbreak, the supply is also very high. Nervous

Medical goggles are urgently needed on the front line of the war epidemic, Yunjian Hunan, the military outfit group of the 'century-old military industry shop'. The use of 3D printing technology to urgently develop and produce the goggles produced by the new technology has a simple and lightweight structure, and the weight is only three-quarters of the ordinary goggles. The application of military-grade special coating technology also solves the problem of lens fogging.

03 AI multi-body temperature detection program

The epidemic hits the Spring Festival, especially in densely populated areas such as hospitals, railway stations, and airports. Temperature measurement is even more necessary , But in this case, it is difficult to achieve efficient screening with traditional temperature measurement methods.

In order to solve this problem, Baidu AI multi-body temperature rapid detection solution came into being. 5G technology has come in handy, and 5G thermal imaging temperature measurement systems have been used in hospitals and train stations in many areas.

This technology is based on the detection of key points of the face and the image infrared temperature dot matrix temperature analysis algorithm, which can detect the forehead temperature of passengers in a certain area, even wearing a hat and mask can also be quickly screened.

In 1 minute, more than 200 people can pass through a single channel at the same time to realize body temperature detection. Passengers hardly need to stop, avoiding crowding, and the temperature recognition error is only ±0.3℃.

Such a non-contact temperature measurement method greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection.

04 Smart Logistics Vehicle

Artificial intelligence has played a huge role in this anti-epidemic process

For example, JD’s self-driving delivery robot

Delivering goods to hospitals for some treatment in Wuhan

Coronavirus patients

It looks like a small car with a compact appearance

It can also transport many packages at one time

Not only from Jingdong Logistics vehicles

and Huawei’s 5G unmanned vehicles

are assigned to relevant hospitals to perform quarantine operations

not only can transport goods but also carry people.

05 Unmanned Supermarket

The non-contact supermarket provides sufficient logistical support for the construction workers and medical workers of the two hospitals in Huoshenshan and Leishenshan. Within 24 hours of the establishment of the Vulcan Mountain project, the supermarket has been established, jointly built by Zhongbai Warehouse and the Taoxianda team under Alibaba.

There are no clerk or cashier in the supermarket. There are only sufficient disinfection supplies, sanitary cleaning supplies, convenience foods and daily groceries.

The entire self-service cash register system is based on REX platform cloud POS technology to complete remote commissioning and online work.

After the checkout, you can omit the shopping receipt, minimize the need for personnel and direct contact with each other, avoid cross-infection, and provide basic living security for those fighting on the front line.

The Chinese textbook-style prevention and control strategy, one party has difficulties, and the response speed of the support from all parties has amazed the world. In addition to these ten scientific and technological technologies, many excellent high-tech products and technologies were applied to the front line in this anti-epidemic. It is precisely this combination of design and technology that creates a barrier against the virus.

The epidemic will eventually pass, but now is not the time to relax our vigilance. We must believe that after the storm, the sky will be clear!

See you next time!

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