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Inventory of four agricultural irrigation methods, intelligent irrigation system into the field

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-22
Inventory of four agricultural irrigation methods, intelligent irrigation system into the field
As a large agricultural country, although China has a large population and a large area, there are not many good cultivated land areas and the environment is complicated. The situation of agriculture relying on the sky for food has not been fundamentally resolved. To break the water resource constraints of agriculture, it is necessary to rely on the development of water-saving irrigation agriculture.

Water-saving irrigation technology is an intuitive embodiment of agricultural production modernization, which uses the minimum water consumption to obtain the maximum agricultural output or profit. Different water-saving irrigation methods have different working principles and different applicability to climate and geographical environment.

Currently, there are many irrigation methods in agriculture, such as micro-irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and intelligent irrigation systems based on Internet of Things technology. So let’s take a closer look at these four agricultural irrigation methods~

1. Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is a common irrigation method that uses water droplets to water the soil. It can meet the needs of some crops for watering methods. The principle of drip irrigation is to use a low-pressure pipe system to dissolve the water dissolved in chemical fertilizers and slowly drip into the soil at the roots of crops at a regular rate. The advantage of drip irrigation is that it can save water resources. The water used during irrigation is compared And its water pipes are buried under the ground, so it can free up space for the use of ditches. Dissolving fertilizers in water and irrigating the crops together can reduce the loss of fertilizers, reduce the problem of soil compaction, and save us a lot of Water resources.

2. Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is different from drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is the natural flow of water into the soil, while sprinkler irrigation uses a pressure spray mode, which uses pressure to spray water to the land that needs to be watered. On the upper side, small droplets are formed, and then because of gravity, they are scattered vertically down into the ground to realize water source irrigation. The technology of sprinkler irrigation requires pressure water source and water pipes and sprinklers to complete it. Sprinkler irrigation is a very advanced irrigation method. , And its implementation is more complicated and maintenance is more troublesome, so because its range is large, so it covers a wide range, this irrigation method is only suitable for large-scale lawns, not suitable for water-loving crops.

3. Micro-spraying

Micro-spraying is a form of spray irrigation with droplets. This irrigation method is an improved version of the combination of sprinkler irrigation. Micro-spray irrigation is carried out with a rotary faucet and a radial faucet. The upper and lower double-layer water spraying solves the defect that sprinkler irrigation cannot spray water on the soil, and can keep the air and soil environment moist. This kind of watering method is more common in flower growers, because it can not only keep the humidity of the flower room but also keep the water not too much for each watering. 4. Intelligent irrigation Value, the system will automatically turn on the irrigation equipment to irrigate the farmland. When the soil moisture reaches the standard value, the system will automatically turn off the irrigation equipment. The entire irrigation process is automated and does not require manual management. In order to avoid uneven irrigation, intelligent irrigation can realize sub-regional control. By placing soil moisture sensors in multiple regions, soil moisture information in different regions can be obtained, which can be individually controlled.

Some studies have found that the intelligent irrigation system can save 16% to 30% of the water volume compared with the traditional timer-controlled drip irrigation system.

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