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Inventory | Those sensors that need to be used in smart farming

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-29
Inventory | Those sensors that need to be used in smart farming
In the past few years, the news that 'the value of pigs raised by Peking University graduates exceeds 10 billion' has been frequently searched and received widespread attention. According to recent news reports, almost all pig farms now raise pigs by college students. As a result, the topic of whether college students raise pigs is 'high-energy and low-employment' or 'employment pressure' has reignited discussion.

In fact, pig raising has long become a high-tech industry, and it is not an exclusive task for low-end and farmers in the past. Modern pig farms use the Internet of Things technology. From air filtration, constant temperature control, automatic feeding, to detection, defense, cleaning, disinfection, environmental protection, etc., all are technological and intelligent, from simple body temperature monitoring As far as disease prevention and control are concerned, early warnings can be issued first. Compared with traditional breeding, this has undergone a fundamental change.

Modern pig farms are the embodiment of smart breeding. The primary concern of smart breeding is the growth environment of the farm. Environmental changes in the farm have a considerable impact on the growth rate and development of pigs. In order to ensure that the pigs In the growing environment, farmers will use a variety of sensors to monitor the environmental factors in the pig farm in real time. Below, the editor will take the pig farm as an example to check the sensors that need to be used in smart breeding.

Ammonia gas sensor——Ammonia gas (NH3) concentration monitoring

Ammonia gas is one of the most harmful gases in pig pens. Ammonia will cause the rapid growth and metabolism of mucosal cells, which will increase the demand for oxygen and energy. Therefore, the energy used for growth and production of pigs is correspondingly reduced, thereby affecting its growth performance. After the ammonia gas is inhaled through the respiratory tract, it enters the blood through the alveoli and combines with hemoglobin to turn hemoglobin into hemoglobin, reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin, blood alkali storage and heme oxidation performance, resulting in anemia and tissue hypoxia , Reduce the resistance of pigs to the virus. High concentrations of ammonia can also induce various complications. It can be seen that ammonia concentration detection is essential for pig farms.

Hydrogen sulfide sensor-hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration detection

Hydrogen sulfide easily dissolves on the respiratory tract mucosa and eye conjunctiva, and combines with sodium ions to form sodium sulfide, which produces strong irritation to the mucosa , Causing ophthalmitis and respiratory tract inflammation. Pigs are exposed to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide for a long time, which can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause toxic pneumonia and pulmonary edema. Long-term exposure to a low-concentration hydrogen sulfide environment will weaken the pig’s physique, become photophobic, decrease its resistance, and gain weight slowly. Pigs become photophobic, lose their appetite, and become nervous. The proper concentration of hydrogen sulfide has a certain impact on the control of morbidity in pig farms.

Temperature and humidity sensor-monitoring of temperature and humidity

Pigs are more sensitive to environmental temperature and humidity. When the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the pigs will feel sultry, food intake will decrease, and production will be slow, leading to malnutrition and yield reduction; when the temperature is low and the humidity will be high, the pigs will feel cold and the food intake will increase greatly. However, the feed conversion rate is low, the pressure on the supply of raw materials has increased, and the immunity of the pig herd is reduced, and it is prone to various diseases. The environmental requirements are different. It can be seen that the monitoring of temperature and humidity is also indispensable for pig farms.

Carbon dioxide sensor-carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration monitoring

CO2 itself is not toxic, but the long-term Growing in a pig house with a high concentration of carbon dioxide will reduce the growth performance of the pig. For mammals, physique is very important. Declining physique can easily be infected with various chronic infectious diseases. However, if the CO2 concentration in the pig farm is too high, the pig will be chronically hypoxic, and hypoxia will cause its physical fitness to decline. Therefore, the monitoring of CO2 concentration is very important for pig farms. The CO2 concentration of a normal pig farm should be less than 1000 ppm. If it is too high, consider ventilating the pig farm to allow air circulation.

Illuminance sensor-Illumination intensity monitoring

The illumination intensity and time are controlled by the illuminance sensor. Extending the light time or increasing the light intensity can enhance the function of the animal's adrenal cortex, improve immunity, promote appetite, enhance the digestive function of piglets, and increase the rate of weight gain and survival rate of piglets.

The sensors introduced above are commonly used in farms. These monitoring equipment can transmit the collected data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G wireless or 485, Ethernet and other wired methods. You can view the environment of the farm anytime and anywhere, and realize a complete set of actions from the monitoring of the aquaculture environment data, to data recording, to data analysis and processing, and then feedback to the control equipment. The use and construction of equipment and systems can increase the number of farms. Income.

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