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Is it difficult to grow tea and raise a baby? The soil temperature and humidity sensor teaches you to grow tea scientifically

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-04
Is it difficult to grow tea and raise a baby? The soil temperature and humidity sensor teaches you to grow tea scientifically
As a kind of leaf material that is adapted to warm and humid environment for a long time and is used for people to harvest young buds all the year round, tea trees have higher water requirements and high water consumption during the growing season of tea trees.

According to the measurement, the general high-yield tea garden consumes about 1.5 tons of water for every 500 grams of dry tea produced in the growing season. A tea garden with a yield of 150 kilograms of dry tea per mu needs a reasonable supply of about 450 tons of soil moisture per mu during the growth period. . The soil moisture is the main source of water needed during the growth and development of tea trees, and changes in the soil moisture status of tea gardens will directly affect the growth of tea trees and the quality of tea.

The growing season of tea trees is generally in summer, where the temperature is high, the average daily temperature is close to 30℃, and the average daily evaporation reaches 9mm, which is likely to cause a large loss of soil moisture. When the hot weather lasts for more than a week and the soil moisture content is less than 70%, the tea trees should be irrigated in time.

Tea gardens usually use three types of irrigation methods: stream irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. As a traditional irrigation method, stream irrigation can completely eliminate soil drought problems at one time, but it requires a large amount of water and low water use efficiency. Waste of resources. Therefore, most modern tea gardens adopt sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation to adjust the temperature and humidity of the soil to ensure the growth of tea trees.

In modern agriculture, both sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation have proprietary irrigation equipment, which can be used with soil temperature and humidity sensors to achieve scientific management of tea gardens.

Soil temperature and humidity sensor

The soil temperature and moisture transmitter RS-WS-*-TR-1 uses imported high-quality austenitic 316 stainless steel as the probe material, and the probe is rust-proof, non-electrolytic, It is resistant to salt and alkali corrosion and is suitable for monitoring the temperature and humidity of various earthy soils.

The soil temperature and humidity sensor supports two monitoring methods: rapid measurement method and buried measurement method. High-density epoxy resin is used for high-temperature vacuum filling between the sensor probe and the body, which has better sealing performance. The whole body is waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level reaches IP68, which can ensure the stable monitoring of internal components, so that the sensor can continuously measure and record soil temperature and humidity data for a long time.

Tea garden environmental monitoring platform

In order to facilitate tea garden managers to understand the tea garden soil environmental data in time, our soil temperature and humidity sensors can be connected to our environmental monitoring platform through the 485 bus or the environmental monitoring host. Tea garden managers can cooperate with relevant soil data to control the relevant equipment of the irrigation system and monitor the soil temperature and humidity environment in real time. Once the soil temperature and humidity exceed the upper and lower limits, an alarm will be triggered to notify the management staff for processing.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform supports real-time data viewing, historical data query, data export and other functions. It can realize the tasks of receiving, storing, processing and statistical analysis of soil temperature and humidity data, helping tea garden managers to scientifically Analyze the growth environment of tea trees and conduct scientific management of tea gardens. The platform supports the allocation of multi-level permissions to access, view and download data. You can log in on multiple terminals such as mobile phones and PCs to view data anytime, anywhere.

In the north, it is said that planting tea trees is more difficult than raising babies. The 'squeaky' tea trees have extremely high environmental and climate requirements: they like warmth and are afraid of cold, wet and are afraid of waterlogging, and they also need to be in acidic soil. Planting, a little carelessness, tea trees will have problems. In recent years, with the continuous development of sensor technology, there are more and more sensors of various types such as light, temperature, humidity, soil, etc. in tea gardens. Although it is difficult to grow tea, it will no longer cause sharp tea production due to a change in the microclimate. Minus.

The history of raising tea is being rewritten little by little by technology.

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